Left four dead story.

Soon we all fled to safety in the half built firehouse. I noticed there weren’t any infected here right now; although splats of blood and contorted corpses showed they were here before. So I stopped us all for a break.
While everyone stopped to catch their breath, I decided now would be a good time to do a headcount and see how many of the 16 survivors we had when we bolted from the Hunter we had left. I didn’t count Tyler because he died almost instantly after we left safety. All we had left, not including myself, were, Morgan, Tom, Jesse, Chris, Ty, Julian, Jessica, and Spencer. Of our original 16 we only had 9 left. I had lost us nearly half out group in such a short period of time.
I threw the area a nervous glance, worried we might be eaten. But there were still absolutely no signs of anything lurking nearby. So I tried to relax myself a bit. Everyone already looked freaked out enough on their own. Even Ty was starting to loose some of his macho bravado he had before.
“I can’t believe that Zombies exist.” Ty said to Julian, who was sitting on a bit of rubble and rubbing some spit on the scar he got on his leg while running away in haste. “I figured it was all a myth.”
Julian glanced up at Ty and stopped rubbing the spit for a moment. “I kind of wish it had just stayed fantasy, you know? Its fun in games… but it’s mostly just terrifying in real life. I can’t even kill Zombies in a game nevertheless doing it for real.” He heaved a crestfallen sigh.
Morgan was silently cradling herself in Jesse’s arms. They weren’t saying much. Jesse was mostly just cooing softly in Morgan’s ear, trying to relax her from all the action she had to go through.
Spencer was standing between Tom and Jessica and they too seemed to be having an in depth conversation. “You know, this reminds me of a parody I once watched.” Spencer was telling the two of them. “But I guess that its true and not just some joke someone made up. I wonder if it will ever end. It’s gonna be hard for me to design videogames and write stories if Zombies have taken over.”
“I don’t know what I’m going to do now.” Jessica sighed sadly, barely looking up at Spencer. “I was going to visit my cousin. I wonder if there are Zombies where she lives at.”
Tom had nothing to say. He looked almost completely defeated and when he tried to speak, nothing but a depressed sigh came out.
So Spencer took over my replying. “These things could be anywhere now. I mean, look around. It’s quite clear that they’ve been here. There must be a logical explanation for these occurrences.”
Ty, who couldn’t help but overhear Spencer and Jessica’s conversation, ditched Julian and suddenly butted in by saying, “It’s Zombies! They don’t have to be logical and rational. They just happen.”
“But think about it.” Spencer replied, shockingly not seeming the least bit surprised or insulted by Ty’s sudden intrusion of his conversation. “Things don’t just happen for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Something had to make these things appear. It might be extremely complicated, but there just has to be some reason.” Ty must’ve been considering Spencer’s theory, because he didn’t retort in any fashion and simply fell quite silent.
Tom finally spoke by muttering softly, “I hope this is all a dream.” He was silently rocking himself side to side.
Julian decided to rejoin the group. He rested his hand on Tom’s back and said, “If only it was. But this would be one heck of a dream and to be honest, this is no dream. It can’t be. We all have logic and dreams only last about 20 minutes. This event has proceeded 20 minutes by my guess. So either it’s an illogical dream, or very much real.” Where did Julian learn so much about dreams? That was something I would never know. But I agreed with his randomly announced logic.
I noticed Chris was the only one who couldn’t be bothered to join anyone’s group. He seemed quite fine with standing off by himself and just waiting for something worthwhile to happen. Him, Morgan, and Jesse were actually the only people who hadn’t spoken directly to the group yet.
I wanted to be able to say something. I wanted to be able to reassure the group and raise their spirits. But I knew nothing on Earth could reassure this group. They had all seen firsthand a bunch of people they once called friends dying at the hands of something that was supposed to not exist. They all figured they were soon to suffer the same fate. There was nothing I could really say. But I felt the sudden urge to try and sound positive anyways.
I was the leader of this group of ragtag survivors and it was my job to make sure we were calm and collected in the face of danger. It was my job to make sure the rest of us were ready for anything. I had to try and keep the others from dying. I had to make sure we were all prepared. Prepared for anything that came our way.
“Ok, I think it will be best if we have emergency groups. People that you can depend on to guard you if needed. I know one of these times were gonna run right into an obstacle where we’re gonna have to sneak past in small groups. So, I’m going to assign groups and try not to break anyone apart. Since there are nine of us including me, we’ll be three groups of three.” I gazed around the area quickly. “Ok. Here are the groups.  Jessica, Ty, and Spencer will be one group. Julian, Morgan, and Jesse will be our second group. Me, Chris, and Tom will be the last group. I think these groups help spread out skill levels while also not breaking up any couple that exist within our legion of survivors. You’re all ok with the groups, right?”
Everyone shyly and timidly agreed. I could tell a couple people were a little upset with the way I split everyone up. But I wanted to make sure we all lived. Not shove all the friends together. I might make exceptions for couples, but that was about it. Nothing more.
“Good. I can tell some of you aren’t happy with the group I put you in an I apologize.” I explained, holding back a sigh. I turned to Morgan and said, “I really wanted to be with you. But I need Chris to be in my group and I didn’t want to break apart you and Jesse.”
Morgan was looking at me in a rather upset fashion. However, her expression also held an obvious expression of understanding of the situation. “I understand completely.” She finally replied.
Jesse butt in by suddenly saying, “I’ll be sure to treat her well and protect her with my life.”
“You’d better.” I hissed rather darkly, trying to make sure it was blatantly clear how important Morgan’s safety was to me.
Neither Jesse nor Morgan said anything else to me, so I decided it would be best if we just moved on rather then spending a long period of time on the topic. So I wandered back towards the head of the group.
Most of the group watched my movements closely. Nobody really joined with their groups. A couple people glanced at the people I paired them with, but otherwise made no movement. “Remember, these groups are only for emergencies. So you don’t have to follow them unless I explicitly tell you we need to. So for now, enjoy the widespread people we have.”
A lot of people seemed quite a bit more reassured that these weren’t permanent groups that we all had to use starting now. To be honest, I wanted to spend much more time with my best buddies before I had to split away too. So I knew what some of these people were feeling at the moment and why they were acting so twitchy and fidgety about my group choices.
Nobody spoke. A lot of people just simply threw nervous glances at the ground or various nearby objects. A couple of them seemed to be worried that there were infected nearby. They seemed worried that the riot from earlier had ended and the hoard were on our trail now. To be honest, I was a little worried about the exact thing. I planned on us moving on from this rotting pit of nothing soon. I had nothing to say; nobody else had anything to say. So I figured it would be time to move on any moment now.
I wandered a short ways away from the group for a moment, trying to plan where we should go.
Out of nowhere, something snatched me from behind and grasped me roughly around the neck. “Holy shit!” I yelped in surprise and struggled suddenly, trying to get whoever it was to let go. I bashed them with the handle of my ax and knocked them off.
When I turned around to check who grabbed me, I saw the body of one of the infected laying on the ground. He was coughing weakly and struggling to get to his feet. I felt bad in a way. Infected were really just everyday humans who got an incurable virus, turning them into zombified idiots. They did nothing wrong and now they were getting killed left and right.
But I knew that I couldn’t let this infected live. He knew my scent. He would just keep following us until he picked us clean or informed someone else of our location. So I raised my ax high in the air and brought it down cleanly on his neck, instantly chopping his head right off.
I cringed as his head detached from his neck and went spinning across the ground. Blood splattered out wildly, forming a solid lake near the base of his neck. I watched as his decapitated head banged into some rubble and lay there quietly, releasing some blood around it.
When I glanced back, everyone was watching me in shock. They were thinking what I was. The infected were starting to explore the half built firehouse. We were no longer safe hanging out around here.
We had to get going.
I threw the headless body one more glance before directly addressing my flabbergasted group. “Well, as that just proved, we aren’t safe here anymore either. The infected are starting to get curious and are coming to explore. We have to stay on the move or risk being found. I advise everyone to find something useful as a weapon along the way and always keep an eye out for an improvement. I’ll keep using this emergency fire ax.”
Nobody spoke directly to me. Everyone muttered quietly and a couple of them leaned in to the person next to them to subtly whisper something to them of which I couldn’t hear. But I just waited for the group of eight to calm themselves and be ready to move on.
When things started to get quiet, I spoke once more. “Well, if we’re done gossiping and such, we should probably be on our way.” Someone made a fake gasping noise. I ignored it.
I didn’t bother verbally addressing anyone anymore. I simply raised my hand obviously into the air and anyone who was too stupid to follow… well that was their problem. Luckily, when I glanced back as I wandered ahead, everyone was following me without any problems. Nobody was going extremely slow or purposely not following me at all. So I knew my authority meant something; even if it was something extremely minuscule.

So we abandoned the sight we were hiding at and spent quite a lot of time traveling around. We vastly explored many areas and the more we wandered the more infected we came across. Everyone had found a weapon, although nobodies was really that useful and my emergency fire ax remained to be the most useful thing we could come across.
We tried to avoid getting into battles with the infected. None of us were really very skilled fighters and nobody wanted to risk dying. Some of us did get injured. But nobody died. We rarely ever spotted other survivors and whenever we did, we didn’t bother going after them. There are some things better left alone and we were much better with our hiding technique rather then jumping right out in the middle of it.
I noticed some of us got injuries from which we never completely healed. I hadn’t gotten any yet, but looking around proved that lady luck just happened to be fighting blindly at my side. Because everyone else I looked at had some kind of permanent injury. It made me feel really bad for my entire group.
I don’t know where we were going. I also don’t know what the date was. Time and location meant nothing when you were trying to avoid getting eaten by the undead. Sometimes we would settle down in one location for a while; but the infected would come and we would be forced to move on.
I remembered that Spencer used to try and keep track of date and time. But his watch died and time became impossible to perfectly note. Soon we all started forgetting dates and months and before we knew it, that became unimportant too.
It wasn’t date and time anymore. Now it was weather and time of day. Whether it was rainy at night or sunny in the afternoon; that was enough to keep us going. Oh yes, we also noted where the infected were so we could avoid going anywhere near them. Everyone found my hiding technique to be useful.
We all learned the hard way about taking the infected head on when we just barely escaped from a Boomer and his hoard. Ever since that day, we decided, even Ty, thought he was hard to convince at first, that avoiding the infected was smarter and made us more likely to survive.
Everyone forgot about those groups I assigned. Everyone except me. I was the only one who recalled out emergency groups. Since we hadn’t had to use them since the day I assigned them, people stopped worrying so much about them. It was useful that they stopped worrying so much; but I found out one day that they no longer computed the term “Emergency Group” with anything in particular.
Everyone kind of grew used to one another’s presence. It was just like, we were all there and we were all protecting one another. So who really cared who it was? Nobody was really a stranger to one another anymore. We were all like one really messed up family. A messed up family trying not to get killed by a seemingly endless hoard of undead, that is.
Oh yes, before I continue. The reason nobody ever found any useful weapons was not because we never noticed any. On the contrary, we passed many potential weapon and gun stores and such. But every time we go close either other survivors were already picking claim to all the weapons or a huge hoard of infected had taken over the store to prevent survivors like us from gathering any weapons. So we never really got to get close enough to ever snatch anything useful. So my bloody ax remained to be helpful and I found myself becoming good at handling it.
It could’ve been weeks, it could’ve been months, it could’ve ever been years. But we traveled far and wide trying to not die. Oh, and I put my money on a couple months. Anyways, life in a Zombie infested world soon became normal.

One day, I found my emergency groups having to finally be pulled out from the dark. We were wondering through a small road. The road was blocked off the huge building and I found myself to feel extremely unsafe with these huge buildings surrounding me on every side.
We turned a corner to find ourselves faced with a rather large gathering of Witches. I can’t imagine why like five Witches would all wanna gather in one spot. We had only seen a group of two, nothing larger. And that was only once. There was an alleyway, but it was being watched by a lone Hunter. That would’ve been the best bet, but it was too thin for us to all pass through.
I was gonna turn us around and simply look for another route, but we must have been standing her longer then I vouched for. Because when I turned around, I found the path being patrolled by a Boomer and Spitter combo which would be difficult to sneak around.
This was when I knew we would have to split into our emergency groups. A small group could sneak past any of these obstacles without being spotted. Three obstacles, three groups, it was almost like it was plotted for us from point one so we would have to split apart.
I tried to get our group into a good hiding spot and announced straight on, “We have to use our emergency groups now.” Of course, that term still didn’t compute in the least with anyone.
“Emergency what?” Spencer asked right out. “It sounds familiar, but I can’t quite put a finger to it.”
I sighed. “Emergency groups, since you people STILL don’t remember… They were the groups I made on the day that the infected took over. They were the groups I split us into that we would travel in if there ever came a time where we couldn’t safely proceed in a large group. I had paired Jessica, Ty, and Spencer in one group. Julian, Morgan, and Jesse in the second group. And me, Chris and Tom were in the last group.” I looked around at everyone, but they all still seemed pretty clueless on the topic. “I’m surrounded by idiots.” I muttered quietly. Shockingly, nobody heard me. Or they at least pretended like they didn’t. I rose my voice and said, “Well nobody remembers. So just pretend like I made this all up today. Ok?”
Julian took a step towards me and I glanced over at him, waiting for him to speak. “Ok, so pretending like these groups exist. Why do we need these groups now?”
I again had to resist the urge to scream out an insult I would later regret screaming. So instead I took a deep breath of which was used to calm myself, and explained straightforward, “We need these groups because all of ours paths are blocked.” I figured that was the most obvious way I could explain it.
Everyone glanced around a bit to confirm that every path was blocked. None of the special infected had bothered to move from where they were standing. They seemed like they were not inclined to move without a good reason.
“If we all try to sneak past the big group of Witches, they won’t like the noise. There’s too many to risk it. A small group could get past, but all nine of us would tick them off. One Hunter wouldn’t be too bad, but he’s blocking a really narrow path. We’d have to form a line to get through which would be extremely obvious. So only a small group could sneak past. Boomer and Spitter form a nasty combo of which would be difficult to escape alive from. They are best simply hidden from and unfortunately, a big group would attract unwanted attention especially due to the lack of hiding spots. Our one solution is to split into three groups of three and take our separate paths.” I explained everything I could think of, not even stopping to take a breath. So when I was done, I greedily gulped in as much air as I possibly could.
Ty pushed Julian aside. When Julian snarled slightly at Ty, he apologized quietly for shoving him aside. Once that was done, Ty turned to be a vainly asked, while putting his hands on his hips, “Ok, so where exactly are all our groups going? Ooh! And do our groups have leaders?”
I had never thought about group leaders before. But it did sound like a good idea to have someone leading every group around. “Sure. Group leaders are me, Morgan, and Ty. Now that that’s covered… Morgan, you will be sneaking past the Witches. I figure your group is most capable of being quiet. Ty, I’ll be sending you guys past the Boomer and Spitter combo. I trust you guys can fight if you need. Anyways, I want to make sure my group goes towards the Hunter. I know just how to deal with Hunters, so I wanna go that way. Is everyone happy with the choices?”
Shockingly, nobody argued about the group leaders or the direction I sent them in. They all just kind of mumbled and nodded and everyone moved on with their lives just like that. They were all ready for step two, just like that.
“Ok, Morgan, you’re group will leave first. We don’t need anybody being noisy and possibly attracting the Witch’s attention while you’re trying to be quiet.” I explained suddenly, pointing to Morgan, who was now cuddling up next to Jesse. “And watch the lovey-dovey shit will you? It’s not gonna help you at all.” I carefully avoided Chris’ gaze as I spoke, knowing he wouldn’t like what I said.
Morgan didn’t verbally reply. She simply nodded, which was an improvement over the glare that Jesse threw me. She pitched Julian a silent signal to follow her and Jesse.
I watched as she carefully approached the group of Witches. She carefully began weaving her way throw them, trying her hardest not to tick them off or draw too much attention to herself. Jesse carelessly followed and Morgan had to stop him from simply stampeding through the Witch hoard.
Julian seemed pretty left out and for a moment I felt like I might have erroneously put him in the group. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized anyone would seem a bit left out in a group of three with a couple. Anyways, Morgan and Julian were friends so I knew they would be fine.
Once I was sure they were capable of handling themselves, I turned to the next group. Ty seemed to be watching the Boomer and Spitter over my shoulder, which I had to admit was good precaution. Jessica wasn’t paying attention and Spencer gave her a subtle nudge to redirect her attention at me when he realized I was watching and she wasn’t. Jessica glanced up, attempting to pretend like she had never looked away or anything else of the latter. I let it slide.
“Ok Ty, you’re going to lead your group through the Boomer and Spitter combo next. Try to hide and not be spotted. But I know they’ll probably spot you. I’m hoping the combined noise of a Spitter and Boomer will distract the Hunter so we can safely pass by.” I spoke directly to Ty, who made eye contact with me the instant I spoke his name. Although I could tell he was still carefully watching the infected behind me.
Nevertheless, Ty proudly declared, “That will be no problem for me!” He flashed a smile at Spencer and Jessica and proclaimed loudly, “Come on you losers!” and marched ahead without making sure they were with him.
Jessica rolled her eyes and Spencer threw her a depraved glance. I growled threateningly as Ty marched away and he must’ve sensed the hostility in my growl because he froze solid, then continued ahead at a slower pace, allowing the others to catch up.
Slightly worried allowing Ty to be leader might’ve been a wrong choice, I watched the group leave. Ty might’ve been leader material, but teamwork was a vibe I never sensed in him.
“I am second guessing myself making Ty the leader of that group.” I muttered to my group members, who were the only other people left. “Oh well. There’s not much I can do now. It’s not my problem anymore.”
“So were going after Hunter then?” Tom asked, right before Chris was going to. I was semi-surprised Tom remembered the names.
I nodded and calmly replied, “Yes, yes we are.” Worried Chris might get the wrong idea, I quickly added, “We aren’t actually going AFTER him mind you. We’re just going his direction.” I felt the need to glance over my shoulder as I heard a startling shriek. Ty was distracting Boomer and Spitter while Jessica and Spencer snuck by. I shook my head and attempted to ignore it, knowing they would be fine. I then added, “So nobody actually attack him unless they find themselves a target. Got it?”
Tom stepped back as Chris stepped forward. I knew the two didn’t hate each other. So I figured Tom was just being polite and letting Chris speak first. “If that’s what you’d like.”
Once Chris finished, Tom flashed me a tiny smile and also replied, “I can do that.”
“Good.” I said with a proud grin. “Everyone follow behind me and remember the ways of a Hunter. There might only be one Hunter, but he’s got the advantage of a small area. There will be nowhere to run if we’re found. So we may have to do what is going on with Ty’s group and fight. If I ask you guys to run and let me fight Hunter, please allow me to do so.”
Chris didn’t look like he much favored the idea of me staying behind to fight Hunter without him protecting me. I knew he was such the protective type and yes, I liked that. Tom agreed instantly. Eventually, Chris said, “Oh alright. I guess I can’t stop you. Can I?”
I shook my head no at his rhetorical question and was glad they both agreed, even if it was even scarcely.

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