Left four dead story.

“I’ll kill those Zombies!!” Ty yelled from nowhere, acting as if he were holding a gun and shooting Zombies. I knew Ty would be extremely excited to go own some Zombies and kick some serious undead ass.
“If only everyone was as determined as Ty.” I said with a dejected sigh. “Now, that Hunter from the office is gonna end up looking for us soon along with his Smoker friend. There are most definitely other Zombies around and soon they’re going to try and get into the dojo. We can only hide in here so long. So we all gotta be ready to run when the time is right.”
I instantly froze and silenced myself. When someone else tried to talk, I held up my hand and silenced them, listening carefully. I could hear plenty of background noise and I knew that a huge hoard must have been on its way to pick off the rest of us survivors down here.
“They’re coming. Hunter wants to pick us off down here.” I said quietly and calmly, hoping not to attract too much attention. “We won’t be safe here much longer. Its time for use to jump into the dangerous world of the undead. Remember everything I told you and with lots of skill, good memory towards the things I told you, and whole boatload of luck, we can win.” Sighing, I said, “But with a group of kids its probably most based on luck.” I shrugged. Oh well, it was better to try and die trying then to never try at all.
I could hear all kinds of special infected on the floors above. I knew none of them could hear us because the dojo was sound proofed. That was good, because I was sure some of them hadn’t yet been told we were down here. We’d have an advantage if we weren’t being completely bombarded.
Sadly, I could also hear a loud roar outside the building, and I shuddered to think what could’ve possibly made such a horrifying noise. “I think we might have a Tank coming.” I muttered nervously, listening to the roaring sounds that were gradually nearing the room we were hiding in. “We could be hoarded or it could be just one Tank. Either way, we’re gonna escape into the hallway quietly. Witch might still be out there.” I explained, looking around the room for some strange reason.
“There was a Witch out in the hallway?” Jesse asked and now I knew why they got in here. Witch wasn’t there when these guys came running in here to hide.
Morgan interrupted before I could and turned to Jesse, who happened to be her boyfriend, and said, “Yes there was. We saw it. It was watching us extremely closely but we were quiet when we passed her and she didn’t even so much as twitch in our direction. She just wants to be alone.”
“Morgan is right.” I agreed with what Morgan said, especially the last sentence. “Witch just wants to cry in peace. So if you leave her alone, she’ll leave you alone.” I explained in basic terms.
Once again I heard that roar and I knew we were soon to be in grave danger. That wasn’t a Charger roar; that was indefinitely the roaring of a Tank. And that bloody beast was coming for us. The monster was going to knock down the door and leave us all for free bait if it didn’t kill us all off first. That horrible feeling of terror was now biting ferociously at the back of my mind and I secretly knew unless we had a plan we were all screwed.
Hissing under my breath, I said “There’s a Tank coming. I know for sure. It’ll be here in less then a minute. We don’t have much time to plan. So everyone be ready for the worst and if anyone dies, you will be mourned. If anyone survives to mourn you…” I sighed dejectedly.
There was a sudden beating at the wall and I knew out guest had arrived. I thought our dojo was underground. So either I was misinformed or that thing dug into us. Everyone except Ty started panicking and ran away from the noise. Ty just stood there, crossing his arms with an arrogant grin on his face. When everyone ran to hide on the other side, I grabbed Ty and yanked him to semi-safety.
Another huge slam on the wall and I noticed it was starting to crack and fall apart. I swallowed a lump in my throat and prepared for the monster to break through.
A lump of cement came tearing through the wall and I knew Tank had lost it and ripped up the cement to break through the wall. It landed cleanly on the floor and brought much of the wall with it. Everyone screamed in pure terror at that sight and they all prepared to run.
I was ready to turn and run with them. I noticed that a Smoker and a few regular infected had decided to come with Tank, who still couldn’t seem to fit through the hole in the wall and was getting royally pissed. I fled, but something suddenly stopped me in my tracks. 
When I felt a disgusting trail of slime rolling down my arms I looked down to see what was going on. Sure enough, wrapped around my arms was Smoker’s dull pink tongue. It suddenly caught everyone’s attention and they stopped to watch the mess.
Growling in anger, I dug my shoe into the ground, trying to keep myself on balance. Smoker replied to my growl in the same fashion; with a growl of his own. He suddenly jerked back his head and I leaned forward in an attempt to stay on my feet. It was a tug of war fight of the century except I didn’t have my hands free and Smoker didn’t need his hands.
Suddenly, Smoker gave an extra hard tug on his tongue and I felt myself lose my footing and fall backwards on the ground below. Smoker brushed his dull blond hair out of his eyes and smirked at me, then began yanking me in. I screamed and kicked, trying to release myself.
“Don’t just stand there and stare at me!” I yelled to the group of kids who suddenly thought this was just a movie for their entertainment. “I told you people are gonna die. I’m just the first. Get moving! Don’t just stand there and wait until Smoker eats me. He’ll just get you next!”
A couple kids hesitantly bolted out the door. Slowly, the others followed. The regular inflicted seemed either confused or more interested in something else.
I tried to remain calm as I was yanked it. I noticed some of the regular infected were hobbling after me as I was being tugged in my Smoker. What did I know about Smokers? They constrict people. They release smoker upon death. Aha!! A Smoker can cut off his tongue if he finds himself in a situation were it is in the way and quickly grow one back. There had to be a way to cut the tongue off. But how?
Trying to think was hard with infected gnawing at your shoes. So I kicked the nearest infected in the face and knocked him off course. I was very close to Smoker; only about 5 feet away. So I did the first thing that came to my mind. I took in a big gulp of air, lowered my head and unwillingly bit down on Smoker’s tongue, pushing my teeth in as deeply as I could.
“YOUCH!!” Smoker yelped as I bit his tongue. I silently begged for him to let go and came to the pleasant action of him unreeling his tongue from me and pulling it back in to safety.
I snickered, “Sucker!” and ran before he could react, shoving an infected out of the way that was trying to get a taste of me. “Chew on this!” I hissed as I pushed my fist into his face and fled.
I was surprised that Tank hadn’t broke through yet and to be honest, it looked like he might’ve just given up and went a different way which could be good or bad. I fled into the hallway to see everyone had stopped to watch my battle with Smoker. “That was by far the most disgusting thing I have ever done. I tilted my head and spat suddenly, releasing a bit of yellowish spit onto the ground. “That horrid taste will never leave my mouth.” But why are you idiots still standing here? I told you to run!”
“Sorry…” Josh sighed. “It was entertaining to watch and Morgan was so sure you would live we wanted to see it for ourselves.
“Great now ru—hold on a moment…” I cut my sentence off right in the middle, looking at Josh in a rather confused fashion. “I get this feeling someone is missing. Nobody died?” Josh shook his head. “Then who are we… where’s Tyler!?” I suddenly noticed the annoying little weasel was gone.
Josh, now just noticing his somewhat of a friend was gone, gasped and looked around for Tyler, noticing he was indeed, very much gone. “Erm… I dunno. I thought he was right here.”
“Heeeey!!” that sounded like Tyler and I was going to kill him when I found him. Unless…
I swore under my breath and hissed, “That kid’s going to get himself killed!! There’s a Witch around here!” I resisted the urge to scream various swears. Turning to Josh, I said, “We gotta find the moron and like fast!!” Turning around the corner I saw Tyler standing dangerously close to the Witch. Lowering my voice to avoid scaring the already very pissed Witch, I snarled, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
The Witch was growling very loudly and her claws were showing clearly right in Tyler’s direction. She made sure he was aware of the blood on her claws. “Who is this!?” Tyler asked very loudly.
I lowered my head, narrowed my eyes, and growled to myself, “You’re an idiot, Tyler.” I avoided Josh’s eyes.
The Witch, not being able to take Tyler’s loud yelling, rose to her feet and within the blink of an eye, went at Tyler. He didn’t even have time to scream before Witch sliced him in the chest and knocked him right on the floor; screaming like a maniac all the while. The scent of blood filled the air and Witch’s claws glistened with fresh blood. She crouched over Tyler’s motionless body and brandished her claws, quickly slicing Tyler more and more; mangling his obviously already annihilated corpse.
Witch let out another ear piercing scream as she stood back up strait. Her claws were shiny red with all the blood. She jumped over the mangled carcass of Tyler and suddenly fled into the lunch room, leaving us all dumbstruck.
“He’s dead. Long dead.” I said, turning to face Josh, who I knew was the most affected by the recent happening. “The second Witch slashed him in the chest he was dead. She just wanted to make it clear he was dead. That was her morbid way of letting the rest of us know to lay off.” I sighed and lowered my head.
“It’s quite fine.” Josh said, seeming suddenly much more cheerful. “I never much cared for spending time around him anyways. He was an idiot. Let’s just keep moving on and hope we live.” I knew now that everyone was happy Tyler was gone and to be honest, so was I.
I glanced into the lunchroom as we ran past it. The Witch was barely visible in the dark corner of the room. But I could clearly hear her crying. I shook my head and quickly moved on. I broke ahead of the group, stopping them before they went up the stairs. “Hold on.” I wandered over to the emergency fire equipment and broke the glass, stealing both the fire extinguisher and the ax, which I wouldn’t have trusted near some of the kids in this school. “There, I feel better now.”
I took the lead as our group of 16 survivors ran up the staircase. The closer I got to the top, the more noises I heard and the more I slowed myself down. Right before we reached the top, I stopped dead, holding out my arm to stop everyone else. Coming from up ahead a deep growling noise. A sound that could only come from a crouched and ready to pounce Hunter.
“Quiet. There’s a Hunter nearby.” I explained in hushed tones to my group, glancing back at them while keeping an eye on where I figured Hunter was. “Hear that growling? It’s the obvious growl of a Hunter. A Hunter ready to strike at any given moment. He’s close by.”
I shook my hands back and forth as a silent signal for everyone to lower their voices and not to panic. Amazingly, they all listened.
Glancing up, I spotted a lump which I was fairly sure was the Hunter. It might’ve been the one from the office. Or it might not have been. “Form 2 lines of 8 on either left or right side and be ready to run. I’ll go through the middle; right under the Hunter.” I explained further.
Shock overtook my group as they heard my claims to run right into danger. Spencer finally had the audacity to say something when he asked, “But wouldn’t that put you right in the middle of danger?”
I nodded. “Yes it will. But I’m prepared to do this for our group. Otherwise we’ll never get by. Just be ready to run and if you can, don’t stop to watch me and Hunter fight.” But I knew they would anyways and I was just wasting my time telling them not to. “Try, I say. Try. On my cue…”
I waited for everyone to line up on either side. They were clearly poor at counting. Meanwhile, I held my ax and fire extinguisher close by with a powerful grip. Soon they were all ready and I held my hand up in a stop pose. Silently, I pointed forward and we all bolted.
As I dashed underneath Hunter, I heard his snarl grow to a threatening shriek and he was bearing himself upon me quickly. I threw the fire extinguisher up at him, bonking him on the head and shocking him. He suddenly lost his focus and stumbled clumsily to the ground.
I hastened myself to climb on his back. Before he could come back to his senses, I held the ax high in the air and brought it down upon his head, slicing it cleanly open. However, I kept slicing at him regardless, cutting off his head completely, chopping it to obvious bits, and giving his body the same bloody ax chop makeover.
Panting, I rose to my feet. Of course, everyone was standing there staring at me flabbergasted. Even Ty appeared shocked that I had taken down Hunter so easily. I knew what I was doing… to an extent. “Come on you idiots!” I hissed, leading them to safety since they were too oblivious to do so on their own.
We broke out into a dash across the hallway and I instantly knew we had jumped right into some kind of clearly plotted out trap. I took the lead of the group, attempting to avoid the incoming strikes. I bolted past Carrington, who took the strike of a Smoker’s tongue for me. I glanced back to see him being pulled back to the Smoker; a huge hoard nomming at him all the while.
Another Smoker, who was standing to the side and hence had not been noticed, whipped out his tongue. It cleanly took ahold of Kyle and started yanking him back into the face of danger as well.
Next thing we knew, we all had to dodge dangerous vats of Boomer bile and Spitter acid. Ryan just barely avoided a huge pile of Spitter acid and Josh took right to it instead. He slipped in the liquid goo and collapsed to the ground. When Boomer released vomit all over him, I knew Josh was a goner. A hoard leapt upon Josh and tortured him while he burned in the acid.
Out of nowhere, a Jockey came leaping into the middle of the chaos. In the midst of the chaos of Spitter acid, Boomer bile, and the Smoker attacks, nobody had really noticed the Jockey until it was too late. Jockey took an interest in Brittanie and leaped upon her. It held tightly onto her head, clawing wildly at her and ripping her hair out while pulling her back towards a visiting Tank; the same one who had tried to attack us earlier.
I watched as Julian and Spencer screamed in a combined harmony of terror as a Charger came rushing at them. They took my advice and dodged the charging beast. It would’ve ran cleanly into the wall except that something got in its way or say someone got in its way.
Charger grabbed ahold of Ryan, who just happened to be in his charging path. When the Charger slammed into a wall it prepared itself to beat Ryan into the ground. Clenching Ryan with a powerful grasp, he started continuously slamming the poor boy into the ground. With every slam more and more blood appeared in that same spot on the ground.
I was really hoping we would be all said and done with people dying. Or getting hurt. I couldn’t be sure if they were really dead or not because you weren’t gonna volunteer me to look back and check. Yeah, I look back to see who’s dead and a Tank punches me in the face. No thank you.
Unfortunately, there was one more death to be planned. Out of nowhere pounced a Hunter. Strangely enough, this Hunter was wearing a white checkered hoodie instead of a blue one. Either way, he grabbed ahold of Brandon and forced him into the ground. I watched as he pinned Brandon to the ground, holding him down in a rather unsightly fashion. He flaunted his claws in Brandon’s face and without warning, tore wildly into his stomach, tearing him apart as if he were just a scrap of paper.
The rest of us made a run for it outside only to come to the unpleasant sight that there was a giant hoard of common infected waiting for us outside. I snarled. They hadn’t actually noticed us yet and I made sure we all fled into hiding behind the wall before they did. We would have to hope the hoard inside was too busy eating whoever they had caught.
Turning to my group, not bothering to do a head count at the moment, I sighed, “Unfortunately, we’re kind of screwed. That hoard out there is huge. Its too big for us to fight off and we would need a distraction of some sort to run past it.”
Popping out from nearly nowhere, Jessica asked, “How much of a distraction would we need?”
I didn’t want to answer, but I knew the group wouldn’t like if I beat around the bush. So I was pretty much completely straightforward when I looked up at the group and replied, “An entire person.” Everyone fell silent. “Someone would have to put their life at risk for the rest of us to escape.”
I was expecting an argument that would attract the attention of every zombified being waiting for us nearby. Either that or an awkward silence. But the silence was interrupted when someone boldly declared, “Well if we need a distraction, then I’ll be the distraction!”
I glanced up instantly. “Which one of you are clinically insane enough to say that?” I asked. “I could’ve sworn someone just said they were actually going to be the distraction.”
I was rather shocked to see A.J standing up and once again declaring with a triumphant look on his face, “I was the one who said it.”
“A-are you sure?” A.J nodded as I confirmed his insanity. “Absolutely serious?” I got another nod from him. I had to make sure he wasn’t going bonkers. “You are aware there’s about a 99% chance that you’re going to die if you be the distraction. I can’t vouch for that.”
Throwing me nod after nod after nod, A.J declared once again, “I would be proud to do so.”
To be honest, I was actually quite flattered that there was someone in the group who was willing to risk his (or her) life for someone else; especially a bunch of kids that mean little to him. “If that’s what you want, and you’re entirely sure of it, then so be it. It’s really quite simple then. Just run out into the hoard and try to draw as much attention to yourself as you can. Easy enough, no?”
Turning towards the hoard, A.J nodded, appearing to be a bit nervous. “Alright then.” He gulped as he prepared to run out and I really wanted to pull him back and tell him there was another way. But there wasn’t and if I said that it would be an obvious lie. So I didn’t.
Without much warning, A.J suddenly rushed out into the middle of the hoard. He was screaming wildly, drawing obvious attention to himself. “Come and get me you ugly little freaks!! You’re all too stupid to catch me! I’ve seen snails run faster then you! My grandma can kill me faster then you worthless beasts can!” I had to admit, he was doing a good job. Soon he had the entire hoard extremely ticked off and all too busy wanting to kill him to notice the larger group sneaking past.
I wanted to make sure the entire group snuck past the hoard of Zombies safely before I made a run for it myself. One by one I rushed the entire group past, pushing my hand against them as they made a run for it.
Before running myself, I glanced back to see what was going on. A.J had stopped screaming various insults at the large hoard of infected. I noticed they had him pinned to the ground quite a distance away and they were fighting over who was going to beat the crap out of him the most. I could hear him releasing various screams of eternal pain. I had to stop myself from running out there to help A.J. He had risked his life for us. I shouldn’t throw mine away so easily. So I fled as the infected feasted on their rather noisy meal.

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