The sun shown through my window as I awoke. Slowly I rose from my bed, squinting towards my window. I felt a headache coming on and knew instantly that today would probably be a very bad day.

The Meeting

“Romey! Hurry up, you’ll be late!” Lately my mom has been obsessed with me going to debutante classes. Which included me waking up at dawn and going to school in the middle of summer. I suppose it is important in finding a future husband, but there are other ways too. Less painful ways. “I’m coming mother,” I say as I quickly pull on my dress.

I live in a large Victorian style house with 2 floors. It is probably the biggest on my street. My bedroom is on the top floor. I don’t like being on the top floor. There are so many stairs to climb, and always in a dress.

“How do I look mother?” It has always been my obligation to ask my mother if I looked appropriate enough to leave our home. As always, she smiles at me and pushes a strand of my brown, wavy hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear. “You look beautiful darling.” I curtsey and head for the door, my families one servant opens the door for me. I smile at her and curtsey, Lori has always been my best friend.

As I step out the door, I pick up my dress and step into the car waiting outside. My brother has always been kind enough to drive me to my classes, even though Rodge knew very well how much I hate going. I think he enjoys seeing me in pain. It never took us long to get to the school. Soon as the car stops, I open my door and step out. Rodge offers me his arm and escorts me to the large white building. We get to the top step and he pulls his fingers through his short brown hair and laughs, “have fun today, Rom,” and a little more seriously he added, “be careful.” This is unusual.

I notice my instructor watching me from the window, so against my instincts I curtsey and thank him. He laughs again and opens the door for me. I throw him a mocking smile and step inside. My instructor smiles at me and nods, apparently pleased at my behavior. I’m her only student, so every mistake I make is noticed. So, I was quite happy at my first successful morning. The rest of my day went surprisingly well too. My intuition must have been wrong this morning.

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  • SilentAngel on Nov 17, 2008

    This is really interesting! I can’t wait to see what happens!

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