A daragon fanfiction.




“GRUMPY DRAGON?” Jiyong roared like an enraged bull and took a big angry step towards the unfazed Dara. At the corner of his eyes he could see the alarmed expressions on his members’ and Bom’s faces. But at that moment he couldn’t care less. There was something about Dara Park that makes his blood boil with pure outrage.


“Omo!” She exclaimed again, still unable to grasp the mounting anger of the man she labeled as the grumpy dragon. She nodded to herself, one finger pressed on the corner of her lips. She looked so unconcerned and unaffected by Jiyong’s outburst that left the Big Bang members’ mouths hanging wide open. “You really are the infamous Grumpy Dragon.” She concluded.


Jiyong clenched his fists tightly on his side. He was trying really hard to control his temper but the girl must be really stupid to not notice that he was on the brink of exploding. “Call me grumpy dragon again and you will regret meeting me.” He threatened through gritted teeth.


Dara smirked. [i]So he actually thought that I was glad to have met him? HIM? Jerk![/i] She shrugged her shoulders and ignored Bom’s eye warning. “What made you think, even for one second, that I felt glad to have met you? Meeting you will forever be the best proof that I have the greatest bad luck in human history.” She watched his face turn bright red with anger. Then she smiled wider as she walked forward until their faces were just inches apart. The moment Jiyong yelled at her, her earlier fright vanished into thin air and was replaced with pure annoyance. She was known as one of Asia’s most sought after bachelorette. She’s the heiress of her father’s empire, a refined lady (well at least in front of her father’s friends). She’s Sandara Park!  How dare this puny entertainer raise his voice at her? In normal situations she would have just let it slide but there was something about Kwon Jiyong that makes her blood boil until she could no longer contain her irritation. Then she leaned closer and silently laughed at his flustered expression. “I bet that you are itching to punch a girl now. Right? Grumpy Dragon?”

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