A daragon fanfiction.


Jiyong discreetly inhaled a good amount of air to calm himself before opening his mouth. He looked at her from head to foot.  “You’re not even a girl.” He turned his face and smirked at her. “There’s definitely nothing to see. You’re too flat to be even considered a girl.”


[i]It’s official. I HATE him.[/i] “You’re nothing but a boy who loves whining.” She countered.


“A BOY?” Jiyong hissed.


“Yes, a little boy. Little boy Kwon who loves whining when things won’t go his way.”


“And you’re one barbaric creature who suddenly sprung up to the surface of our planet!”


“You should not even exist! Dragons are just legends! A nightmare for everybody!”


Jiyong felt his blood boil hotter. He took several steps back and cursed out loud when his back bumped on the door knob. He gave Seungri a death glare for laughing when he found nothing funny in his situation. Never have a girl looked down at him. They would always be the ones wanting his attention. “And you act just like an amazon woman. You don’t have an ounce of grace in that body.”


“Ssantoki.” Bom called Dara’s attention, frantically waving her hands in front of her face, finally recovering from the shock that given by the two people’s sudden shouting match.


Dara turned her head towards her cousin and flashed her a forced smile. “Don’t try to stop me Bomtaro.” She said through gritted teeth. It was rare for her to lose her cool and when she does it’s hard for her to stop. She glared at her number one enemy. “This thing needs to be taught a lesson.”


“THING?” Jiyong echoed, eyes turned into little slits. “Who do you think you are to call me names?”


“I’m Dara Park.” She replied with a sweet smile. “And you are?”


Jiyong smirked. “I’m your boss. Remember?”


“Correction.” She placed her hands on her hips, her smile never leaving her face. “What made you think that I would still work for you?”

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