A daragon fanfiction.


The innocent Big Bang boys watched with a mixture of amazement and alarm at how the fragile looking girl pawned their leader without breaking a sweat. While Bom could only sigh while watching her cousin’s rare outburst. She could only think of one reason why Dara suddenly declared war with Big Bang’s leader. Somehow Jiyong did something unforgivable towards one (or both, God forbid) towards Dara’s favorite things in the world – ramen and Tam Tam. With both things in the equation even her, the legendary Bominator, was powerless in calming the provoked Ssantoki. With the way her cousin was behaving (not that she’s complaining) nobody would think that this girl will soon be married to one of the most powerful man in Asia,


Jiyong turned crimson red. He was about to retort when the door suddenly opened and revealed their President. He had a scowl on his face. “What is happening here?” He demanded looking straight at his supposed to be mature talent.


Dara’s eye once again rounded. Another unexpected person appeared right before her eyes. She finally fell silent and hoped that the President won’t be able to recognize her. She shifted her gaze towards Bom who was looking as panicked as she was. In a distance she could hear Jiyong’s weak explanation but she could not concentrate enough to hear his words clearly for her heart was drumming wildly against her chest until she almost find it hard to breathe. What are the odds that she would meet one of her father’s most valued guests in her less than 24 hours stay in Korea?


“Miss Park.”


Dara’s heart stopped beating for a frightening second. She could see her dream of finding her siblings evaporate in front of her eyes. She gulped and forced herself to stay calm and collected before finally facing President Yang’s stern gaze. “Yes President Yang?”


“Follow me.” He was already outside the door when he abruptly paused and called the frozen Bom. “You too Ms. Park Bom.”


Bom snapped out of her trance and hurried beside Dara. She grabbed her hand and squeezed it tight. “Ssantoki if I get fired because of you I’ll murder Tam Tam by feeding her to the shedder.”

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