Novel about a not so distant future thrown into chaos.

7 June Russian Tea Room  6:00p.m.




I didn’t know what to say to Jaz.  She kept asking me so many questions about Marco.  I didn’t know what to say, I never got her DNA tested, I didn’t know who her father was.  I mean should I even mention that he left us because we were slowing him down?  No way… It’s bad enough that she had a teen aged mother.  Just as this was going on who should walk into the room?  Marco walked in with one of the beauties in the HoloHaven programs.


I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I couldn’t risk him recognizing me.  I excused myself and shuttled out of my seat.  I headed towards the ladies room and I heard my name be called.  I kept going.

Is that her?  I heard the woman say.  I kept going I didn’t want to stop.  I didn’t want him to think it was me. I ran into a stall and closed the door behind me sitting on the seat in the verge of tears.  How could he come here.  How could he even try to talk to me, after he left us behind the way he did.

I heard someone walk into the bathroom very quietly stand by the sink.  I heard the sound of sneakers walk into the room. “uh… Mom?”  I hear Jaz say.  It was the first time I heard her say it.  A silent sob escaped me in response.  “Mom, you in here?”  I nodded I couldn’t talk.

“Kid I don’t think she is here.”  I heard another woman’s voice voice.

“She’s here,” Jaz says I saw her hands on the floor on the other stall.  “Seanna?” she called.  I blew my nose and opened the door to the stall.  I  still had tears in my eyes because some how I couldn’t compose myself. Then I walked toward the sink.

Marco’s date was standing to one side. “Seanna?”  she asked. 

I looked over at her blinked the tears out of my eyes and said. “Who the hell are you?”

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