Novel about a not so distant future thrown into chaos.



I woke up at around eleven.  I had to go to the bathroom bad. Plus I was a little nauseous.  As I came out of  the bathroom I caught a glimpse of Aldo.  It was so sweet of him to fly all the way to NZ for me.

He looked sweet sleeping, he snores, and he drools but he’s cute none the less.  I reach for the phone and call for room service and order some brunch for both of us. When it gets here I sit at the table and eat quietly.  Just then he takes a deep breath and stretches.

His stomach growls his eyes open. “Hungry?”  I say stuffing a muffin into my mouth.

“Famished.” he answers and walks over to the table.  We sit and eat quietly. We don’t really know what to say to each other.  We watch each other as we eat then he says. “I really am sorry.”

“What happened, if you knew what I was what was it that made you freak out.”

“You were the only one that knew what we were doing, do you remember that you told me to pretend you were  the person I most wanted to be with?”

“That is what I usually did for myself.”

“Right… I wanted it to be you… I was seeing your face… and I feel like I totally tainted that moment for me.”

“You thought of me as this pure person that you couldn’t touch?”  I asked kind of understanding. “But you knew what I was after the accident, what difference did it make that you’d had me?”

“I paid you for that.” he said

“No you didn’t…”  I answered.  He looked confused. “I returned your credits.”


“Because I didn’t have to imagine with you.”  I answered

“oh…”  he answered and went silent. “If I could do it all again. I would have waited for you.”

“We would probably be in the Bronx staring at each other right now.  And you still would be a virgin.  I’d probably be doing what I was doing.”

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