Novel about a not so distant future thrown into chaos.

He smiled at me and stroked my hair, just like I imagined a father might do and at that moment I knew I had seen that look in the mirror before.  This was my father.  I had my mom and dad at the same table.  I smiled at him I couldn’t help it I had to do something and I told him to sit where I had been sitting.

“Your water miss.”  the waiter said.  Seanna looked up and dried her eyes.

“Thank you.” she said to the waiter then looked to where I was supposed to be. “Marco!”   She looked shocked to see him there.  He looked concerned and happy at the same time.

“You okay?”  he asked her, his voice was thick.  Seanna nodded  and looked for me.  I was standing next to Vega nearby.

“Why did you come here?”  she asked softly

“Because I still love you.  I never should have left.”  he answered reaching for her hand.  “I wanted to meet my daughter.” he added looking towards me.

Seanna looked at him, then at me as if comparing for a few minutes “We need to talk, but I want to go home.”  Seanna said and stood walking out of the restaurant reaching for me and hugging me to her.  My dad paid the bill and we headed for Seanna’s Benz.

I have a dad… I kept thinking to myself repeating it over and over again in my head.  I couldn’t believe what was going on around me.  I sat in front with Seanna and they sat in the back seat.  Vega was really nice.  Seanna told me she used to take care of her when she was little as we rode towards the Avenue.

We stepped out of the car and, and my mom opened the trunk where my dad took out the shopping bags.

“You guys have a place to stay?” Seanna asked Vega and Marco as she lead the way into the house.

“We’re staying at some cheesy motel”  Marco answered.

“You didn’t say that there was going to be four of you.”  Lita said as she stepped aside when we walked in.  Seanna glared at her and continued up the stairs.

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