Novel about a not so distant future thrown into chaos.

“Come on Vega, I’ll take you to your room.”  she said I followed heading towards mine.  As we made our way up her grand stair case, I heard Lita usher Dad to the living room.  “This is my room Vega if you need anything at night you’ll find me there or in my study.  I’ll show you that one later.

“Okay.”  she answered and then she opened the door to Vega’s room.  It had this perfect view of Central Park.  There was one of those Old fashioned tall beds that you need a foot stool to climb into.

“Oh wow!” Vega said.  They hugged as I made my way into my room to put my bags away.
8 June New Zealand  1:45p.m.




As I sunk myself deeper into this woman, the mother of my child, I realized I never wanted to be without her.  Yes I know it’s corny, or hopelessly romantic or whatever you might call it.  But she just felt good.  It was different than the first time not only because I knew it was her, but because she submitted to me.

She wasn’t domineering it wasn’t her job anymore.  She did it because she wanted to. And she shared in my pleasure, she responded to me and trembled at my touch and I understand the power that sex has over people.

“Ay si papi, just like that.”  She whispered to me, so I did it just like that. “Despasito. Suavesito.”  she said and I did it just like that.  She was my teacher.  She taught me all about her body and I learned her that day.

We slept again that afternoon until dinner time.  I woke up to my goddess pacing in her nakedness ordering dinner through room service.  I didn’t stir I just watched her switch to her mobi  as she checked her messages.  I caught a profile of her  and took in a breath. My body totally responded to her and wanted her again.

Having real sex was a trip and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again. She heard me and smiled .  She put her mobi away and came over to kiss me. “thank you.” she said softly

“For what?” I asked.

“For thinking I look beautiful.” she said  then kissed me again. “I ordered dinner it should be here soon.”

“Marry me.” I said as she started to walk away and stopped dead on her tracks. She turned to look at me. “Please…” And she stared. There was a knock on the door and neither of us moved, our eyes riveted on each other.  I hoped to god that this wasn’t a mistake.  I hoped that she’d say yes because living without her would kill me.

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