A chapter book on teen romance.


“Marshall, can I have a word with you?” Khrystyna said as she walked up to him and Tanya Wilkins.
“Sure, Khrystyna. What do you want?”
“What are you doing with her?” giving Tanya an angry look.
“Tanya needed some help with her math and I agreed to help her with it.”
“I’ll bet she needed the help!”
“I really needed the help, Khrystyna, I am failing math, and if I get a bad grade my parents will be really mad.” Tanya pleaded with her.
“I don’t care to listen to your so-called schemes just to get my boyfriend.”
“Khrystyna, I’m not trying to land your boyfriend.”
“Oh, save it for the birds, you ruthless bitch!”
“Marshall, when you come to your senses, you can give me a call. Or, you can play these sick games with her. If you do decide to play her sick games with her, we’re through.”
Khrystyna walks away alone and goes to her biology class.
Tanya, feeling victorious over her triumphant win with Khrystyna, pretends to be hurt by Khrystyna’s outburst. She sidles up to Marshall and gives him a kiss on the cheek.


Khrystyna felt alone without Marshall. Why did he have to help Tanya. She didn’t need his help. She was only using him. Why couldn’t he see that? Why does all the pretty, popular girls get to take a guy away from the unpopular girls.? Khrystyna’s thoughts are interrupted by Tyler, one of the geeky kids at school who has a crush on her.
“Khrystyna, why do you look so down?”
“Oh hi Tyler,” looks away from him. “It’s nothing you would understand.”
“Why don’t you try me?”
“You’ve never been in love with anyone, so you couldn’t possibly give me advice on this.”
“Who let you down this time? Was it Marshall?”
“Just leave me alone. I don’t care to talk about this with you, you geek!”
“Why are you treating me like this, Khrystyna? We’ve been friends since kindergarten.”
“You’re nothing but a geek and I don’t want to be seen at this school with you. You’ll ruin my reputation. Now go!”
“Fine, if that’s the way you want it! I won’t tarnish your image with my geekiness! This friendship is over! Why don’t you go back to all your popular friends!”
With that, Tyler stormed off. Khrystyna felt so bad treating Tyler that way, but it couldn’t be helped. She just couldn’t be seen with him. What would the other students say if she hung out with him? They would call her weird and a wimp. She just couldn’t have that, no matter how long they’ve been friends.


“Marnie, guess what?”
“What is it, Tanya,” sounding a bit perturbed, “did you break another nail?!”
“No, Marshall asked me to the homecoming dance.”
“I thought he was dating Khrystyna?”
“Well, I guess things must not be going to well.”
“What did you do to come between them this time, Tanya?”
“What makes you think I did anything to break those two up?”
“I know you, Tanya. You would do anything for the guy you set your eyes on.”
“Well, FYI, I didn’t do anything to break them up. Maybe Marshall and Khrystyna just aren’t right for each other.”
“Okay, if you say so. I believe you, Tanya.”
“Well, Marnie, I’ve got to get to chemistry class. Can’t be late. TTYL. Bye!”
“TTYL, Tanya!”
As Tanya puts away her cell, she has a smile on her face. She thinks to herself, what Marnie doesn’t know won’t hurt her. She walks to her chemistry class dreaming of being with Marshall.


Tanya sees Khrystyne in the hallway at school and decides to rub her nose in the fact that Marshall asked her to the homecoming dance tomorrow night.
“Hey, Khrystyne! Has Marshall asked you to the homecoming dance yet?”
“No he hasn’t.”
“Gee, I wonder why?!”
“I guess he decided not to ask me and he asked someone else.”
“And do you know who that someone else is?”
“I don’t really care, Tanya. I don’t care if he asked you to the dance.”
“So you don’t mind if I do accept Marshall’s invitation to the homecoming dance?”
“Tanya, you could go with every guy in this school and I still wouldn’t care.”
“Well, what will you be doing if you won’t be attending the dance?”
“Stuffing my face with whatever I can find in the fridge.”
“Well, Khrystyne, I’ll think of you while I’m at the dance with Marshall. You have a nice time, whatever you do.”
Tanya snickers as she walks off to her next class. Khrystyne runs to the bathroom feeling humiliated. She can’t believe that Marshall asked Tanya to the homecoming dance. She had always dreamed of her and Marshall attending the dance arm in arm. Now that dream won’t come true. Tanya has ruined her dream.


After sulking for an hour while in her biology class, Khrystyne decides to confront Marshall to see what went wrong with the two of them. After biology lets out, she runs to the gymnasium where she knows she will find Marshall.
“Marshall, may I have a talk with you?”
“Have a seat here on the bleachers.”
“Why did you ask her to homecoming? I though we had plans to go together?”
“I though you were angry with me and didn’t want to go. So I asked Tanya to go with me.”
“What’s happening between us, Marshall?”
“I don’t know. All I was doing was tutoring Tanya in her math class and you flip out about it.”
“She’s manipulating you. Can’t you see it?”
“I’m supposed to ignore a friend in need of help with a class she’s having trouble with?”
“Tanya’s not a friend, she’s scheming to get in your bed. She planned this whole ruse. I’ll bet she isn’t even failing her classes!”
“That’s a mean, cold-hearted thing to say. I didn’t think you could be so cruel, Khrystyne.”
“Oh, so now I am the cruel one.”
“I guess I don’t know you at all.”
“Well, I hope you have fun at homecoming.”
“I plan on it.”
“Don’t ever call me again, Marshall. We’re finished.”
Khrystyne is so hurt, she can’t even finish the rest of the school day. She picks up her books from her locker, stuffs them in her backpack, and walks home.


Khrystyne is so mad at Marshall and Tanya, that she decides to go to homecoming and make Marshall and Tanya’s night miserable. She plans to show Marshall and Tanya just how much they have hurt her.
khrystyne’s mother calls up for her, “Khrystyne, Tyler is at the door for you.”
“Tell him I’ll be right down.” She continues to get ready for homecoming. She dons a stunning little black dress, killer gold sandals, and a beautiful pearl necklace that her mother loaned her.
As Khrystyne is coming down the stairs, Tyler can’t take his eyes off Khrystyne. He can’t believe that she even asked him to go with her, after their fight and all.
Khrystyne thinks to herself, “Look at Tyler, he thinks that I actually asked him to homecoming to have a good time. Too bad he doesn’t know that I plan to ruin Marshall and Tanya’s evening.”
Smiling, “You’re right on time, Tyler.”
“You look beautiful in your dress, Khrystyne. I can’t take my eyes off you.”
“No time for chit chat, Tyler. We have to be going before the night’s ruined.”
Khrystyne grabs Tyler’s hand and they run out the door to the limo that is waiting for them. Tyler helps Khrystyne inside the limo then gets in himself.
The driver drives them to Hill County High School in ten minutes. Khrystyne can’t wait to get inside to drive her reign of terror.
The minute they get inside the gymnasium, Khrystyne immediately spots Marshall and Tanya dancing on the dance floor. It looks as if they can’t take their eyes off each other. It just makes Khrystyne sick to see them together.
“Oh, look, Tyler, it’s Marshall and Tanya!”
Marshall can’t believe his eyes when he sees Khrystyne with Tyler.
“What are you doing here. I thought you said you weren’t coming?”
“Well, I changed my mine.”
“You must have been desperate to come with Tyler?”
“Well, since it was such last notice, Tyler was the only one I could ask.”
Khrystyne drags Tyler out onto the dance floor. As they are dancing, Marshall gets a hurt expression on his face. But that’s nothing until a romantic song comes on and they are together in each other’s arms. Marshall is so pained watching the two of them dancing so closely, he goes to find Tanya to tell them that they are leaving.
“Tanya, c’mon, we’re leaving!” Marshall demands.
“But I’m having too much fun.”
Marshall can’t stand to see Khrystyne with Tyler, so he grabs Tanya’s arm and they high tail it out of the school gymnasium.
“Marshall, what’s gotten into you?”
“I can’t be there anymore.”
“You’re upset because Tyler’s dancing with Khrystyne?”
“I can’t help it if I feel he’s too much a geek to be seen with her.”
“Will you stop worrying about that stupid bitch!”
“Don’t call her that! Just because you can’t get along with her doesn’t mean you have to call her degrading names.”
“I don’t like her accusing me of manipulating you.”
“She’s not accusing you, she’s just having a hard time getting over our breakup.”
“And making me pay in the process!”
“Well, if you feel that way, maybe we should end this night right now.”
“Fine, why don’t you take me home.”
“Let me go get the car and we’ll be on our way.”
Marshall drives her home in silence. As soon as Marshall pulls into her driveway, Tanya lets herself out of the car and slams the door. Marshall pulls out of the driveway and Tanya storms inside her house.


Khrystyne is so happy with herself watching Marshall and Tanya’s little tiff. Looks like her plan to make their night miserable worked after all. If only Marshall could see how Tanya is manipulating him, maybe they could get back together.
Tyler breaks up Khrystyne’s reverie, “Khrystyne, what are you doing out here? I thought you went to get some punch for us?”
“Just watching Marshall and Tanya have a fight over me.”
“Is that why you asked me to the dance?”
“Why else did you think I came tonight, because I like you?”
“So, you did use me.”
“And they call you smart.”
“I’m leaving. Find your own way home.”
Tyler leaves her standing outside the school. But she doesn’t care. She decides that a nice walk on a night like this will do the trick nicely.


Tanya tries to open the front door to her house and finds it locked. She thinks to herself, why is the door locked. Mom and dad never go to bed before she gets home from her night out on the town. She reaches into her bag pulls out her key to unlock the door. Just as she is shutting and locking the door for the night, a dark figure grabs her from behind. She tries to turn around, but the figure holds her tight. The mysterious stranger then shoves her onto the couch in the living room. She asks where her parents are and the stranger tells her to be quiet. His voice sounds familiar to her but she can’t place who it is.
After about ten minutes, Tanya realizes it is Jon Wiggins, the school bully. He has always tried to get Tanya to go out with him and every time, she turns him down. Well, Jon is tired of Tanya humiliating him in front of the entire school. So tonight, he decides to do something about it.
“Jon, what are you doing here? How did you get in here?” Tanya asked.
“I asked your parents if I could talk to alone and they agreed to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood.”
“How long was that?”
“About ten minutes ago.”
“So, what do you want to talk about?”
“About why you always turn me down whenever I ask you out?”
“Jon, I thought we were just friends.”
“Then why do you always humiliate me in front of your friends?”
“Do I do that? I’m sorry if it seems like I’m humiliating you. I don’t mean it. I guess I know no other way to let you down gently.”
“You’re a self-centered bitch and tonight you’re going to pay for what you do to me!” Jon rages at her.
“What do you want from me, Jon?’ feigning being scared at what he could do.
“You are going to come with me tonight!”
“Where are you taking me?”
“You’ll see. I intend to make you pay for every humiliation you’ve ever created for me. Now grab your things and come with me.”
“Okay, Jon.”
Tanya hopes that Marshall will somehow find his way to her house tonight. Jon surprised her with this meeting. He wasn’t supposed to “attack” her tonight. If he ruins her plans to seduce Marshall, he’ll pay for this.


Marshall can’t stop thinking about Tanya. He decides to take a walk and ends up on Tanya’s doorstep. He starts to knock on the door when he hears a scuffle inside. He furiously knocks on the door to get someone to answer but no one does. So he decides to bust the door open.
When Marshall finally does gets inside, he is shocked to find Jon on top of Tanya. He angrily pulls him off her. When Marshall bursts inside the house, she is surprised, and happy to see Marshall.
“You bastard, get off of her.”
Jon hasn’t gotten to the “attack” yet.
“Hey, Tanya and I were having a great time.”
“Marshall, help me,” Tanya pleads with him.
“It doesn’t look like you two are having such a good time to me. Now get out of this house before I throw you out!”
“Okay dude, chill out!” Jon gets up and leaves Tanya’s house before Marshall has him thrown out.
Jon can’t have another scuffle with the police because he is on probation and is afraid to be thrown in juvenile detention if he causes another commotion.
Marshall goes over to Tanya and comforts her.
“How did this happen, Tanya?”
“I don’t know. I found the door locked after you dropped me off and I got worried that something happened to my parents, so I went looking for them. That’s when I found Jon in my house.”
“Did he hurt you?”
“No, but I thought he was going to.”
“I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s a good thing I decided to come by.”
“What did bring you by?”
“I wanted to apologize for our fight tonight.”
“Oh Marshall, that’s so sweet.”
They move in for a kiss. Then they cuddle and hold each other for a few minutes when they are interrupted by Tanya’s parents coming back from their walk. They fill them in on what Jon did to Tanya and then Marshall tells Tanya that he has to go home now, but that he will see her tomorrow.
Tanya gives her parents a kiss good-night, then heads upstairs to her room.
Alone in her room, Tanya thinks to herself: “Marshall, I hope you don’t ever find out that I set up this attack by Jon and I hope you don’t find out how I got him to do it.”


Tyler notices Khrystyne at her locker and walks up to her.
“Hey Khrystyne, did you hear what happened last night?”
“No, I was home studying for a test in biology.”
“Well, apparently, Tanya was attacked by Jon and Marshall saved her.”
“Oh really. How did that happen? I heard their fight and he told her he was taking her home.”
Well, he must have went back over later and worked things out with her and he found Jon trying to attack her.”
“Damn it! Why does that bitch always win!”
“Why are you so mad?”
“Tyler, just leave me alone.”
“Fine, I will.”
Tyler storms off and leaves Khrystyne alone.
Khrystyne is pissed off right now. She thought she had broken them up at the dance last night. Why did Marshall go over to her house last night and why did he break up Jon’s attack on Tanya?


Tanya, I need to see you, right now!”
“Jon, I’m kind of busy right now.”
“I don’t care what you are doing, or who you are with, I expect you here at my house now, or I will tell everyone how you paid me to attack you!”
“Okay, Jon, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Hangs up with Jon.
“Marshall, that was a very important call. I have to cut our date short, but can I get a rain check for this later?”
“Sure, Tanya.” Gives her a kiss.
“Then, we’ll see each other later.” Kisses him good-bye and rushes out the door.
Tanya wants to know what Jon could want now. She paid him pretty damn good and he had better not screw up all she did to scheme to win Marshall from Khrystyne. She will not let Khrystyne be with Marshall. She has just got to be with Marshall. I cannot, nor will I, lose Marshall to Khrystyne.
Tanya arrives at Jon’s. She doesn’t have to knock because he was watching for her and opened the door when she arrived.
“Okay, Jon, what is so damned important?”
“I need more money in order to get out of town.”
“I paid you enough to keep your mouth shut and to leave town! What did you do with it?”
“I had expenses to pay.”
“You’re a high school student, Jon! What kind of expenses could you possibly have?”
“It’s nothing you need to know. Just give me $25,000 and I’ll be out of this town.”
“And if I don’t!?”
“Then I’ll let everyone in this town know that you paid me to attack you?”
“You can’t do that! It’ll ruin everything!”
“Then I suggest you pay up!”
“Okay, I’ll find a way to get it. You know I always do.”
“Just get it before noon. I need to get out of here.”
“When I get you the money, where do you want me to leave it?”
“Just put the money in this account.” He hands her a piece of paper.
“I’ll go to the bank and have the funds transferred.” She leaves Jon’s house and goes home to get some sleep.
Khrystyne steps out from the shadows and turns off her camera phone she used to record what went on with Tanya and Jon. To herself, “When I told you I had something on you a while ago, I was bluffing. But thanks to you and Jon, now I do. I am going to blow you out of the water. You’re the one who won’t know what hit you.”


Khrystyne is so excited to finally get the goods on Tanya that she doesn’t notice that she accidentally hit the delete button on her camera phone before she closed her phone. She immediately gets on her bike and rides over to Marshall’s house to show him the proof. She is knocking on his door when his mother answers.
“Hi, is Marshall home?”
“Yes, Khrystyne, he’s up in his room. Just go on up.”
Khrystyne heads up stairs and down the hall to Marshall’s room. She knocks on the door and Marshall yells from inside for her to come in.
“Marshall, can I show you something.   I have proof of Tanya scheming to pay Jon to attack her?”
“Okay, let’s see what you have.”
Khrystyne hands Marshall her phone and he goes to her video log to find the incriminating video that is supposed to do in Tanya.
“Ah, Khrys. . .I don’t see anything here. Are you sure you turned the camera on?”
“What? Let me see it.”
Marshall hands her her phone. Khrystyne turns it on and is horrified to find that it is not there.
“I don’t understand. I know I recorded it. It’s just got to be here.”
Khrystyne frantically searches all her videos for the incriminating evidence. She is heartbroken because now she doesn’t have the proof to blow Tanya out of the water and get back with Marshall.
“I think you need to come back when you actually have some proof. Until then, don’t bother me with any of your hogwash.
“But Marshall, I did have proof.”
“Save it , Khrys and stop making Tanya look so bad. Face it, I’m now with her.”
“I will get the proof to show how she is using you.”
“Until then, ciao!”
Khrystyne runs down the stairs crying, not able to believe that she no longer has the proof. She leaves Marshall’s house and gets on her bike to go home.
Once home, Khrystyne vows to get even with Tanya for taking Marshall away from her. She won’t rest until Marshall is back in her arms where he belongs.


Khrystyne can’t figure what happened to the evidence. She knows she recorded Tanya and Jon talking about how she paid Jon to attack her. She has just got to find another way to get the proof that Tanya is using Marshall. If she doesn’t she will just die. She decides to call Tyler to see if he can help her.
“Hello!” as Tyler answers the phone.
“Tyler, can you come over? I need you.”
“Can’t you say it over the phone?”
“I’d rather not.”
“Okay, I’ll be over in about fifteen minutes.”
“Thanks, Tyler. See you later.” Khrystyne hangs up the phone.
She hopes Tyler can be of some help in getting Tanya away from Marshall. Marshall is very important to her. She can’t bear to live without him. She drifts of into a dream that she is married to Marshall and that they have the most amazing son and daughter. It is interrupted when Tyler wakes her up when he arrives at her house and enters her bedroom.
“Khrystyne, wake up.”
Khrystyne snaps out of her perfect dream.
“Oh, Tyler, it’s you.”
“What did you want, Khrystyne?”
“I need you to help me split up Marshall and Tanya.”
“And why would I do this? I thought you never wanted to see me.”
“I know, and I’m sorry about that. I can’t stand to see her using Marshall the way she is.”
“How do you know that?”
“I recorded a conversation Tanya had with Jon about how she paid him to attack her. I went to show it to Marshall and by the time I got there, it somehow wasn’t there. I must have deleted it somehow.”
“So, what do you want me to do?”
“Tanya has a secret and I need to find out what it is. Will you help me?”
Tyler is thinking it over. After the way that Khrystyne has treated him he starts to think that maybe he shouldn’t, but then, he decides that if he does help her, maybe he will get his chance to be with Khrystyne, the girl he has mooned over since kindergarten.
“Yes, Khrystyne, I will help you. Let me know what I can do.”
“Thank you, Tyler, you don’t know how much I appreciate this.”
“Anything for you, my sweet Khrystyne.”
“Okay, go home for now. When I come up with a plan, I will let you know.”
“Okay, see you in school tomorrow.”
“Bye, Tyler.”
Tyler leaves Khrystyne’s house walks home.
As soon as Tyler leaves, Khrystyne logs onto the Internet to see if she can see what Tanya has been up to. She will expose that witch if it’s the last thing she does.

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