These World War two facts for kids should be helpful and briefly informative on a war that’s been recounted for years keeping in memory its damaging effects and long run impact on the people who experienced it at proximity…

Interesting Facts About World War 2 for Kids

These fun facts about World War 2 for kids may not be entirely fun, but definitely prove to be a good read when learning and understanding about what happened during that period of total chaos in worldwide and American history.

  1. The war is also abbreviated as WW2 or is referenced in some places as the Second World War.
  2. When it came to raiding civilians by air, the Germans killed 543,000 people along with more in Britain amounting to 60,400.
  3. One of the many causes as to why World War 2 started off, was the inability of the League of nations to intervene and prevent its onset.
  4. The war began on September 1st, 1939 and continued until September 2nd, 1945.
  5. The US got involved in the war, after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 by the Japanese.
  6. Hitler executed 84 German generals as one of his many vicious and cut throat traits.
  7. Those heading the Allies were Winston Churchill, Joseph Stallin and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  8. Barely a teenage, Calvin Graham entered the war as a soldier, lying about his real age and was discharged after being wounded in battle.
  9. 15 million Americans took up jobs to help out during the war.
  10. A major defeat for the Germans was waving the white flag at Stalingrad where they surrendered in the year 1943.
  11. The number of soldiers that served in the war, taking only the Americans into consideration were 16,112,566, where 671,846 were wounded among these.
  12. After the war, Italy had to pay compensations for damages done amounting to $36 million.
  13. The Russians killed their first American soldier in the year 1940 in Finland.
  14. The length of service on an average scale for a US soldier in the military was 33 months.
  15. German aircrafts didn’t fare too well when it came to battling it out in the sky. Up to 45 percent of their crafts were destroyed because of accidents and not because of being gunned down.
  16. The major leaders who headed the Axis league were Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Emperor Hirohito.
  17. There was a time when the Koreans were made to fight for both the Japanese and Germans during the war, switching sides due to being forced into submission.
  18. The allies released 3.4 million tons worth of bombs, leaving it at about 27.700 tons of this on an average in a month.
  19. The territories that were under the World War 2 grip were South-East Asia, Europe, Africa, China, the Middle East, Pacific, Mediterranean and Atlantic.
  20. The holocaust, when it began, saw the murders of Jews already taking place in the concentration camp of Aushwitz in the year 1942. There were a total of 1,500,000 Jews killed including others amounting to 2.000.000.
  21. The war involved nearly all countries of the world while it lasted, making it history’s most massive and influential wars to have hit the planet.
  22. At least 1.9 billion people are said to have served in World War 2.
  23. 62 million people died at the hands of this war during the time of the conflict.
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