I wrote this poem from two different perspectives, mine and my grans, let me know what you think.

When I was little I loved to bake
Fairy buns and coconut cakes
I had a very sweet tooth
In fact I still do
In my Gran’s kitchen,
all yellow and blue
We used the table,
the side too high
And mixed the eggs
with the sugar or at least try
I got sticky fingers
All ready to lick
When the cake tin was full
My apron was far too big,
wrapped around my belly many times
Tin in the oven
Pre-warmed by Gran
A forty minute wait
For the amazing smelling cake
Lick the bowl
and wash the pots
Check the rise through the door
Gran’s wearing oven gloves
Its time to come out
With me at her feet
She can’t move about
Cool it down then after tea
A very special treat for me!


The kitchen will be a mess again
It keeps her happy to the days end
Turn the oven on ready to heat
And stand by while she finds her feet
I have to wrap the apron around thrice
And the flour on the floor would please mice
A tad on her nose and a lot on her clothes
The mix is ready to stir
The tin gets quickly full once the magic spoon’s done
The bowl is snatched on its way to the sink
And a finger traced through the mixture before I can blink
The pots are washed, her face too
Time to sit down for a minute or two
The smell is gorgeous,
ten minutes to wait
Oh, of course, and there’s tea to make!


Liked it
  • Kirstyanne Ross on Jul 17, 2010

    when im in the kitchen now I think I know how my Gran used to feel, I still get messy when I cook and bake – the only difference is I now have to clean up after myself! and believe me it takes some time!xxxx

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