I wrote this play on one of the chapters in the novel "Chocolate War" by Robert Cormier. This was a final assignment for my English class. Hope you enjoy.



Josh- Archie

Ashley- Carter

Allison- Goober

Devin- Obie

John- Archie’s Thoughts


Josh starts of standing in front of Allison, who is sitting in a chair. John is not a presence, and Ashley and Devin are standing a little farther away from Josh and Allison.


Josh- “Your name’s Goobert?”

Allison- “Yes…”

Josh- “…and they call you The Goober?”

Allison- “Yes.”

Josh- Angrily “Yes what!?”

Allison- Scared “Yes sir.”

John- “This is going to be easy.”

Josh- Circling around Allison “Do you know why you’re here Goober?”

Allison- “Yes sir” Looking straight ahead

Josh- “Then humor me, why are you here?”

Devin proceeds to laugh, followed immediately after with a sharp look from Josh to Ashley, whereupon Ashley snaps her fingers, and Devin stops and sits down in a chair.



Josh- “Anyways…tell me why you’re here Goober.”

Allison- “The assignment.”

Josh- “That’s right Goober, as you know, this is a long standing tradition here at Trinity, and you must pledge your absolute silence on the matter. Do you swear to uphold this commitment?”

Allison- “I swear sir.”

Josh- “Good. Now can you get your hands on a screwdriver?”

Allison- “Yes sir?”

Josh- “Excellent, and now tell me Goober, what do you use a screwdriver for?”

Allison- “To umm…..to put screws into things sir.”

Josh- “Yes, but you can also take screws out of things. A screwdriver can then both tighten and loosen things. Am I wrong?”

Allison- “No sir.”

Josh- “Do you know where Brother Eugene’s room is Goober?”

Allison- “Room nineteen, second floor. Right?”

Josh- “That’s right! Now, on Thursday night, make yourself available. In fact, plan on being in Brother Eugene’s room the entire night, because you Goober, you are going to loosen.”

Devin lets out a laugh, like he just now understands the plan.


Allison- “Loosen sir?”

Josh- “That’s right, loosen. You are going to loosen every single screw in that room, to the point where they are almost out but not quite. I want you to leave everything hanging by a thread.”

Allison- “Oh wow!”

John- “You did it again Archie. A real grand slam.”

Josh- “Just remember…. Thursday.”

Ashley snaps her fingers. Josh turns towards her.

Ashley- “Are you ready?”

Josh- “Ready”

Ashley goes to retrieve the box as Devin stands up with the key. Devin is smiling.


John- “ Does Obie really hate me. Do they all hate me? It doesn’t matter, not as long as I have the power. I will conquer all, even the black box.”

Devin hands the key to Ashley, and she “unlocks” it. Josh reaches in and produces a white marble. Josh produces a sigh of relief.


John- “My name is Archie, and I cannot lose.”

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Cover of The Chocolate War

Cover of The Chocolate War

Cover of The Chocolate War

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  • Netty net on Sep 3, 2012

    Will, this play very short. and needs some action.

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