A skit that we preformed for the RPI Diwali show, you are welcome to use it or inspire you for your own work.


  • Saint (Shantu)[younger brother]
  • JJ (Jince) [older brother]
  • Riya (Nadia) [Girl that Saint is after]
  • VJ Ron (Roni) [MTV Desi VJ]
  • Random Uncle (Anyone)

ISA Host Intro (added with their own parts):

(Something like this) And now, The Rensselaer Bengali Community is bringing you their Bengali touch with an episode of Banglaguna Beach. You have all seen Laguna Beach on American MTV, now watch the Bengali version of Laguna Beach, called Banglaguna Beach on our MTV Desi.

Host/Narrator [Roni] will briefly introduce the plot and scenario

[in front of the curtains]

VJ Ron:

Hey hey y’all…welcome to yet another episode of Banglaguna Beach – one of the hottest shows on MTV Desi, taking place in one of the hottttest places in the planet – the Bengal baby!

This is your host VJ Ron bringing another fun filled episode just for you.

For those of you who missed all our previous shows this season, let’s do a quick recap…so it’s like this, we got 2 rich, spoiled, teenage brothers, Saint and JJ, living in Bengal. Their parents are away on a trip to Europe for 3 months and they are just partying it up like no other in the exotic land of Bengal.

So what are we waiting for…the waves are high, the sands are hot, and so are ladies and of course our show just keeps getting hot hot hot. So brace yourself, for another episode of Banglaguna Beach.

[curtain opens]

Saint: [walks in talking on 2 cell phones, sunglasses, top hat]

Yaooo what’s up? Yea this is Saint, or so I am to the Ladies. What are we doing tonight? I want to hit up that new club tonight. Yea yea, I will take my Mercedes. Who cares about class anyway?

JJ: Hey little bro? Just wanted to tell you I am heading back to campus to work on my thesis. Dinner should be ready when I get back. I know you are never here for dinner but please be home tonight so we can call mom and dad together since they are away.

Saint: dinner? Um excuse me but I have plans…I gotta go out tonight. You do your thing. [About to walk away, but pauses and thinks for a second] Well maybe you can help me.

JJ: Ohh, no!

Saint: You know a lot of people around campus right?


Saint: So, I was there earlier today and saw someone. Dude, like, I, like I saw this girl and she was, smokin’.

Liked it
  • Sharmila on Aug 26, 2009

    This is going to help me with my busy schedule all i have to do is get the characters.

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