I had to make this small dialog for my English class. If you, like me, don’t want to put your precious time into writing a dialog for class, feel free to use it.


  • Three guests: Guest 1, guest 2 and guest 3
  • One waiter
  • One manager

Two of the guest enter the building. The waiter comes to greet them.

Waiter: Good evening, can I help you.

Guest 1: Yes, table for three please. Our friend will arrive shortly.

Waiter: All right, follow me please.

    The waiter walks the two guests to their table.

Waiter: Does this table suit you?

Guest 2: Of course!

Waiter: Now, would you like something to drink while you’re waiting?

Guest 1: Ehm… I’ll take a coke please.

Guest 2: A half pint of lager for me please.

    While the waiter gets the drinks, guest 3 arrives.

Guest 2: Ah, I see you’ve arrived just fine.

Guest 3: Luckily there was no traffic. How are you doing?

    Guest 3 looks at guest 1.

Guest 1: I’m fine thanks. We’ve just ordered our drinks.

Guest 3: You did? Well, I’ll ask the waiter next time he comes by.

    The waiter arrives at the table.

Waiter: Ah, I see your friend here has arrived. Now, what would you like for starters?

Guest 3: Oops!

    Guest 3 looks through menu hastily.

Guest 1: Are the scampi’s also available without garlic?

Waiter: Certainly, sir.

Guest 1: Then I’ll have the scampi’s, without garlic please.

Guest 2: I’ll have the broccoli soup, please.

Guest 3: Yes, ehm… The cheese croquettes please. And could I have a glass of water?

Waiter: Of course, sir. I’ll be back in about ten minutes.

    Waiter leaves.

Ten minutes later.

    The waiter arrives at the table with the starters.

Waiter: One broccoli soup… Here you go, sir. And who ordered the croquettes?

Guest 2: I did.

Waiter: There you are. And so the scampi’s must be for you.

Guest 1: They certainly are.

Waiter: Enjoy. I’ll be back shortly to take your order for the main course.

    Waiter leaves the table.

Fifteen minutes later.

    Waiter arrives at the table.

Waiter: Have you decided on your main courses yet?

Guest 3: Yes, I’ll have the paella dish.

Guest 1: And I think I’ll have the steak with sauce béarnaise.

Waiter: I’m sorry we’re fresh out of béarnaise.
Guest 1: Then I’ll have the chicken sauté.
Waiter: We’re out of chicken too, I’m afraid.
Guest 1: Is there anything that you’re not out of?
Waiter: Yes, there is the vegetarian salad with goat cheese.
Guest 1: I’ll have that then.
Guest 2: And for me, I’ll have a burger.
Waiter: What would you like as a side? Chips or baked potatoes?
Guest 2: Ehm…, the chips please.
Waiter: I’ll be back in about fifteen minutes with your main courses.

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