In English call we were studying the eternal story of Romeo and Juliet. So one of our assignments were to take a passage from the original story and use modern English to create a script and act it out. I decided to this alone. So I chose to be Juliet when she is waiting in her bed room for Romeo to come on the night they got married.


My home is at the west where the sun sets, and where the night comes last. Run away sun and never come back, earth stay still so time with my Romeo never ends. Tonight the stars and the moon will sleep. Tonight the light is evil and darkness is pure because the darkness brings my Romeo and the light seperats us. People say  love is blind if thats true then it is bes at night. The night is my best friend. I hope I am not so shy that my face truns tomato red. If it does then the night will cover it. I have nothing to worry about because I love him so much and it’s natural to be shy or embressed the first time. when Romeo and I die I want our ashes to be thrown in to the oceans. Every wave will be like a kiss. Our love will make the waters of the oceans so beautifull. Even  Though i brlong to Romeo , he hasn’t made me his yet. I feel like a little kid the night before christmas morning, who can’t wait to get his presents. Am I just really impatient? os is this day just so long? When will thw wonderfull night come? When will the best night of my life start? 

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    Proof read though. And lose the tomato red expressions. If you are going to write about adult subjects, then really go for it.

    It caught my eye again.

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