Andrew was once a happy man, but now suffers with the burden of his own memories. When his girlfriend Cali comes to visit after weeks of no contact, she is revealed a terrible secret.



Cali…Andrew’s girlfriend. Intelligent, caring.

Eric…Andrew’s brother

Leslie…Andrew’s mother



Andrew’s house

Present day

The set is simple, with an old, bare sofa in the center.

Note: it is important to understand about Andrew that he has serious mental issues, which are expressed through dialogue.

This scene begins with Andrew, center stage. The scene is dark during the following segment, with a spotlight on Andrew.

Andrew: I didn’t used to be like this. I used to be happy. I used to be normal. Well, more normal than I am now. I don’t know what happened. Now they say I’m crazy, I’m messed up in the head. But they don’t know me, they don’t understand. They can’t understand. Over the past few months things have changed. It can’t just be all in my head. (beat) I wake up every morning at about four because I hear something, a little girl. Then I can’t get back to sleep. All of my friends, they say that I’ve changed. I haven’t seen any of them in a week; I haven’t even left my apartment. Outside…outside is so nerve-racking. Everybody hustling and shouting and arguing and playing-it makes me want to scream. I have to stay indoors, have to stay indoors. I sleep about 28 hours each week. I haven’t been to work. I can’t take much more of the banging on my door, the banging…it drives me insane. (knock, knock, knock)

(ANDREW curls up on the floor) Go away, go away, go away. (enter CALI, SL)

(lights come on)

Cali: Andrew, are you alright?

Andrew: (looks up, sees CALI, runs to her and they hug) Cali! How did you get in?

Cali: My key.

Andrew: (slowly takes key from CALI and examines it) I almost thought you weren’t real. (slips key in pocket) You…you look good.

Cali: Andrew, you need to see a doctor.

Andrew: I don’t need to see a doctor, I’m fine.

Cali: You haven’t been outside in a week. I keep trying to call, but you haven’t paid your bill. You might not have a job anymore.

Andrew: I might not have a job anymore.

Cali: Andrew, we’re all so worried about you.

Andrew: Who’s we?

Liked it
  • jd on Dec 11, 2008

    Loved it, but has andrew only been locked in for a week? I feels more like months.

  • CE Lewallen on Dec 11, 2008

    thanks! I’ll be sure to look into it.

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