The title is latin for "Prophecies of The Unknown"

A play abot an ancient prophecy that belongs to an ancient race. As the prophecy unravels the hero, Dante, finds himself in the middle of an ancient war waged thousands of years before his time, in between a war held between to powerful nations, and in the middle of a war between two diffrent dimensions.

Please Note: This is a working Progress and has yet to be complete.


Arbravita: Arbravita is the princes of the Guardian Ninjas. Although she was only a baby when Ezekio tried to take control of the stones, she is the keeper of the one of the seven Chronos Stones. Her Forces and belong to the Land of Trees from ash. Her fleet is known as the Ninjas of Smoke.


Ezekio is the commander of the Destructive Ninjas. HE once fought alongside the land of Trees from ash. But he rebelled when they denied him control over the seven Chronos Stones. Wreaking mass destruction across the land of Trees form ash he managed to obtain five of the Chronos stones. One of them was destroyed and the other was hidden and later given to the Princess Arbravita


Chronobus is a sacred beast that Ezekio conjured up. Said to be made from a the body of a man, filled with the blood of a wolf and is said to breath the very breath of Chronos, God of Time and Space.


Horace is Arbravita’s Master Sage Ninja. He was given this command after the previous Master Sage Ninja died mysteriously in a fiery explosion.


Virgil is the protector and advisor the Princess Arbravita. Virgil also gathered the pieces to the Chronos Stone, which was broken during Ezekio’s rampage, and pieced it back together in secret. He kept it for many years until his death. Before he died he passed the Stone to Dante, Child of Prophecies.


Dante is Princess Arbravita’s successor. This child may be young but he surpasses many in strength and skill. He is prophesized to be the bringer of peace and harmony to the land of Trees from Ash. He is also the keeper of the Final Chronos Stone.


Aksel is Dante’s father. He was slaughtered by an assassin named Sicario. Aksel left his family to go and find an ancient treasure. He found it after several years of searching, but was slaughtered upon his arrival. Right before his murder, he gave the treasure to Dante. It was Sanctus Ensis et Tempus.


Althea is Dante’s mother. She was murdered on the same night as her husband, Aksel. She tried to stop the assassin from killing Aksel. She angered him and he killed her.


Sicario is an assassin that killed Dante’s parents, Aksel and Althea. Sicario, along with Horace, is a traitor to Queen Arbravita. Secretly he is working under the command of Ezekio. On the night of Dante’s parents’ assassination, Dante battled him using Sanctus Ensis et Tempus. He lost.

The Stranger/Peregrinus:

Liked it
  • Socorro Lawas on Aug 2, 2011

    A powerful account. You have a way with words.

  • Socorro Lawas on Dec 31, 2011

    I see you love Greek literature and philosophy from the names of the characters. Good job.

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