The title is latin for "Prophecies of The Unknown"

A play abot an ancient prophecy that belongs to an ancient race. As the prophecy unravels the hero, Dante, finds himself in the middle of an ancient war waged thousands of years before his time, in between a war held between to powerful nations, and in the middle of a war between two diffrent dimensions.

Please Note: This is a working Progress and has yet to be complete.

a wave that originates at the Temple Undarum and passes over the land. It can only be seen and felt when there is a disturbance in the balance of the time space continuum.

The Prophecy

Scene I

Enter Narrator

Narrator- O innocent youth, which will show us the truth. Came hence from poverty, and into the eyes of royalty. Thou shall bring harmony to the other six. The two warring ones. Shall stop to save thy life. But thou aren’t of this world. The war has changed thee into something that cannot be. Thou does not exist, thou can not hinder this war nor enforce peace… O sacred child of prophecies, your essence is something that DANTE could have not perceived!

This is the prophecy of ages. For thousands of years we have awaited and no child has arrived. But we, the Guardians, have hope and faith.

Exit narrator

The Apprentice

Scene II

Horace: Your highness… an apprentice I do bring to you.

Arbravita: Hmmmm… speak my dear, what is thee called?

Dante: … my name? My name is Dante.

Everyone Gasps ~!GASP!~ murmurs amongst the others.

Arbravita: Silence! Now… my dear… Dante you say?

Dante Nods

Arbravita: Hmmm… the only way that you can be my apprentice is… if you agree… no tell me Dante… do you want to be my apprentice?

Dante nods shyly

Horace: Speak you beggar! The princess has asked a question!

Horace raises javelin to strike Dante.

Arbravita: HORACE! Is that a way to treat your superior?

Horace: Su-su-superior? No, no he can’t be Your Highness!

Arbravita: Oh yes he can, he has agreed to be my successor making me queen and him, prince.

Virgil: My prin-

Arbravita: QUEEN!

Virgil: Forgive me my queen… but are you sure you want this beggar to be your apprentice? I do believe that you awaited the Child of Prophecy.

Arbravita: I cannot wait… our customs are that there must always be an apprentice to the ninja throne… I have ignored that long enough.

Virgil: Very well your highness..,

Arbravita: Virgil I have told you before… you don’t have to call me that… it’s Arbravita to you…

Virgil: Forgive me your hi – Arbravita.

Arbravita: Come Dante… Virgil you too… everyone else return to your posts.

Liked it
  • Socorro Lawas on Aug 2, 2011

    A powerful account. You have a way with words.

  • Socorro Lawas on Dec 31, 2011

    I see you love Greek literature and philosophy from the names of the characters. Good job.

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