The title is latin for "Prophecies of The Unknown"

A play abot an ancient prophecy that belongs to an ancient race. As the prophecy unravels the hero, Dante, finds himself in the middle of an ancient war waged thousands of years before his time, in between a war held between to powerful nations, and in the middle of a war between two diffrent dimensions.

Please Note: This is a working Progress and has yet to be complete.

Arbravita: What manner is that to speak to your superior?

Sicario: What? This child is nothing more than a peasant! I killed his parents… and left him for dead!

Dante: I’m the ninja apprentice now!

Dante smiles at the sound of authority in his voice

Arbravita: Yes, he is now my apprentice and not only that but future heir to the throne. He is your superior! And, since you have admitted to the assassination of his parents, you will have to pay the price for revealing the identity of yourself as an assassin.

Sicario: But, you asked and I had to reply…

Arbravita: But you did so in front of a witness that did not correspondent to the assassin’s guild, Virgil. But I am not the victim here. Dante is. He will decide the punishment. This is now a trial and will be treated as such. The judge is Dante

Sicario: You dare put my fate at the hands of a ch-

Arbravita: You dare to question my better judgment? Dante, if you will, please commence

Dante: Hmmmm… I don’t see why this man should be punished Master. He did nothing wrong but answer your questions. Had he not you would have killed him anyways.

Arbravita smiles and leans over to Dante’s ear and whispers:

Arbravita: Dante, this man killed your parents, do you not wish revenge upon him?? Don’t you want to avenge them?

Dante: Mother always told me that to bring harm to others will not help you or take your pain away. But I wish that he is no longer part of the assassin’s guild and that he has the right to kill in any kind of combat taken away.

Arbravita: Is that your final decision?

Dante: I think so…

Arbravita: Then the sentence is decided. You are all relieved, Sicario, you must immediately leave and never return, you are dismissed.

Exit Horace and Sicario.

Virgil: You have passed your first test.

Dante: Test?

Virgil: Yes that test was to test ethics and judgment. And you passed. You didn’t let your emotions get in the way and you did what was right.

The Witching Hour

Scene IV

Ezekio: Chronobus, I must know who the child of prophecy is!!

Chronobus: but Ezekio… you know the law of time… we may not peek, only enter…we may create, but never alter.

Liked it
  • Socorro Lawas on Aug 2, 2011

    A powerful account. You have a way with words.

  • Socorro Lawas on Dec 31, 2011

    I see you love Greek literature and philosophy from the names of the characters. Good job.

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