The title is latin for "Prophecies of The Unknown"

A play abot an ancient prophecy that belongs to an ancient race. As the prophecy unravels the hero, Dante, finds himself in the middle of an ancient war waged thousands of years before his time, in between a war held between to powerful nations, and in the middle of a war between two diffrent dimensions.

Please Note: This is a working Progress and has yet to be complete.

Ezekio: Peregrinus? Yes I am Peregrinus… Prophet of Time…

Chronobus: …Hmmm… Yes I see… well then I suspect you know why it is that I am here?

Ezekio: yes… I do… but hush up… here they come…

Past Chronobus: But Ezekio… you know the law of time… We may not peek, only enter… we may create, but never alter!

Past Ezekio: Phs-Shaw! That law is nothing more than an old saying, now stand aside! And that law will not stop me! I have five Chronos Stones. They will-

Chronobus Emerges…

Chronobus: SILENCE EZEKIO! I have seen what happens in the future! I have been there! You die by my own hand!

Past Ezekio: WHAAA!?!?! This isn’t possible!

Chronobus: Although I contain no power… HE does!

Past Ezekio: HAA! That fool? He has no power… I created him… therefore I created you as well…

Chronobus: No! We have always been here… and you awakened us…

Past Ezekio: Ha! Then why is it that this beast has succumb to my will? He is nothing more than a slave!

Chronobus: We are bound by a contract! That contract being; we must serve our awaker for a time duration of seven years, or until our awakener forces us to break the laws of natural order! We being divine creatures must abide by this contract until either event occurs…


Chronobus: He does that and he no longer has to listen to you… he regains his memories of all times passed, of all times to come and of all times that will never happen… He regains his powers!


Past Chronobus: Chronos Mutatis… Liberum Portas Chronos…

Chronobus: Fool! Tempus Clacies!

Everything Freezes… Chronobus walks over to his former self and grasps his hand… he disappears and time resumes…

Past Ezekio: Where did he go?

Chronobus: The contract has been broken!

Past Ezekio: NO! Stop this Chronobus! Stop this now!

Chronobus: Dormit!

Past Ezekio falls to the ground…

Ezekio: Am I- Is he dead?

Chronobus: No, he is asleep… but of course you must have known that already, am I right?

Ezekio: Yes…

Chronobus: He will have to find a different way to get what he wants… and it will be without my help… and as for you Prophet of Time… you’re coming with me…

Liked it
  • Socorro Lawas on Aug 2, 2011

    A powerful account. You have a way with words.

  • Socorro Lawas on Dec 31, 2011

    I see you love Greek literature and philosophy from the names of the characters. Good job.

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