The title is latin for "Prophecies of The Unknown"

A play abot an ancient prophecy that belongs to an ancient race. As the prophecy unravels the hero, Dante, finds himself in the middle of an ancient war waged thousands of years before his time, in between a war held between to powerful nations, and in the middle of a war between two diffrent dimensions.

Please Note: This is a working Progress and has yet to be complete.

Dante: Why were the Chronos Stones Moved?

Virgil: When Arbravita’s father conquered the nations… he wanted to unite them… he thought that the best way to do that was by uniting their treasure, The Chronos Stones… Shortly after The land of trees from Ash became allies with the land of Flames… Ezekio was their leader at the time… but when he went on a rampage to obtain the Seven Chronos stones… he was banished from the land of flames… taking five of the seven stones… destroying one… and leaving the final with the Land of Trees from Ash…

Dante: Why do the sages want them?

Virgil: because, they do not want the stones to be united to form Tabella Et Tempus… If they are united Merus will be revived…

Dante: If that happens… and if that happens they will be destroyed…

Virgil: The sages, they fear the power of Merus… but most of all they fear the power of Malus…

Dante: I thought that the sages were under Malus’ control… aren’t they?

Virgil: Not anymore… after they assassinated Merus… Malus’ grip over them was broken… And that’s why they each took a stone, so that Malus couldn’t obtain control over the stones…

Enter Harmonia…

Harmonia: Virgil! Give me the stone now!

Virgil: She’s here!

Dante: Who?

Virgil: Harmonia!

Harmonia: *Laughs* Hmmm foolish Virgil… Did you think you could hide it from me? Having this boy as your guard? He can’t protect it or you! But you tried…. Oh Virgil what a shame you and this boy have to die…


Harmonia: No!! It’s impossible… How could he have the sacred blade of the sages?!?!

Dante runs at Harmonia… Harmonia moves round appearing and reappearing… Dante Closes His eyes and time rewinds before she could move he appears and slashes her… and throughout every time she appears and re-appears… he hits her… Finally she stops and falls to the ground…

Harmonia: GLACIES!!!

Dante freezes…

Harmonia: You fool… Virgil!!! Give me the stone now!!!

Virgil: Over my dead body…

Harmonia: As you wish…

Dante: ~!GASP!~

Virgil pulls the stone out and chants:

Liked it
  • Socorro Lawas on Aug 2, 2011

    A powerful account. You have a way with words.

  • Socorro Lawas on Dec 31, 2011

    I see you love Greek literature and philosophy from the names of the characters. Good job.

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