An End.

It seems life has come to a standstill…

My voice is there but my words are so weak

Life is a dream, i saw last night

It was the one where all the lights were bright

The shadows seem to get me at last

I was running from the ghosts of my past

What now when they are all around

I am down with this new agony

This is new or was it always with in

My mind plays tricks and i see you near

Forget my love these are just some tears

Washing down my face is no purity

It is the dirt of the life behind me.

They are cruel or is it my soul leaving me

the moment has gone when i was to prove my worth indeed

True to my words i stood here for a life

The gates have closed and they trapped me this side

Before the end….i feel i have reached…the pinnacle of this emotion i always had in me.

This race ended when life came out of this dream….

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