Was It A Dream? by Olivia M. & Sophia R.

On the last day of National Poetry Month (April) I did a reading for the 3rd grade class of Mrs. Silva. It was gratifying to see so much interest in what makes a poem different from other writing styles. Of course, the biggest hit with the kids was “Why Dogs Sniff Butts” but all of them found something of interest in each of the pieces they heard.

After a bit of discussion about meter, rhyme, stanzas, free verse, limericks and ‘word wrestling’, I sponsored a poetry contest among the kids. .

To my surpise and delight, the entries were all wonderful, full of invention and creativity, with an excellent grasp of the basic of poetry. I wish they all could have won, but of course, there is only one BEST

The 2nd and 3rd place runners up are here, and I proudly present to you the winner!

Was It A Dream? by Olivia M.& Sophia R.

I woke up this morning

Got out of bed.

But what happened next,

I think I bumped my head.

I went to the kitchen

To get something to eat

When I noticed the floor

Was covered in meat!

Has a lion been here?

A tiger, a bear?

This is my kitchen,

I do not think this fair!

Then my sister started to scream

Wake up, wake up! Was it a dream?

I went into the kitchen, and guess what I found?

Was that a piece of meat on the ground?

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