Inspired by Kris Allen’s Live Like We’re Dying and Owl City’s Vanilla Twilight, this poem speaks of endless love.

As I awake from my sleep,

My thoughts of you I can’t keep,

Drowned not in darkness but my love for you


I push the window curtains aside,

The constellations’ joys have died,

For I see not them but how the stars spelled your name


As the horizon is cut by the sun’s rays,

I remember how you lit up my rainy days,

Now chiaroscuro’s a part of my list of words


To the morning star, the birds and bees pay homage,

While I dig into my omelette du frumage,

You splashed my dull world with orange, red and yellow


The clock strikes for the twelfth time,

Terms of endearment that rhyme

Every message is love when read between the lines


At dusk, when the sun bids farewell,

Our pasts whispered in a nutshell,

We signed a silent treaty of clean slates


From cloud to cloud, the moon fleets,

Hear the rhythm of our heartbeats,

I sing Vanilla Twilight and wish you were here


Cryin’ over our situation,

Where I am shackled by persuasion,

And how your past twists present—devouring me entirely


Wondering how long you can wait,

And I can keep holding on to trust and faith,

But let them be for now—as I cherish you in my dreams


For on my bed, I feel your embrace,

And how your breath touches my face,

In my midnight reverie, I don’t feel so alone


As long as that dog from an old Asian poem continues to love its beloved satellite,

I’ll keep spending eighty six thousand four hundred seconds per day thinking of you—all my life

Liked it
  • patampar on Apr 2, 2010

    keeping the memories of love is a time of recalling the past.

  • Hepsi.M on Apr 3, 2010

    Splendid Elyson..the words and expression all in place,truly emotional one..!!

  • Pete Marshall on Apr 3, 2010

    really enjoyable, thought provoking poem

  • LOVELYHONEY on Apr 6, 2010

    very nice

  • daintylad on Apr 10, 2010

    i also like vanilla twilight! I like the last two lines. anong asian poem ung sinasabi mo dyan? hahaha..overall rating is 8! okay na ba un? But the thoughts are really amazing. If you really like a poem about love, try this one: How do I love thee by Elizabeth Barret Browning.

  • darren15my on Apr 24, 2010

    Very nice poem. Enjoyable to read..

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