A poem about a girl who kills herself.


Flavors my world

The slightest wisp

Of a silver gown

Stained with blood

A lost child drowned

The youngest child

So fragile

So frail

Filled with hatred

Disguised behind a veil

But she doesn’t really mind

Her life so empty

When it should be full

A shadow

Reaches across

A monster in disguise

A terror hidden in plain sight

No one ever suspected

How terrible it could be

When it game to settle

A hopeless dread

A lost friend

Too far to save

Too deep to help

Too sane to stay

A sharp blade

A drip of blood

Soon becomes a river

And a tear

Soon becomes a waterfall

Pressing deeper

Pulling forward

What is more real

Than what you see

What is more true

Than the truth

What is more pure

Than an angel

The knife clattered 

Onto the tiled ground

Her body collapsed

Still bleeding

Still crying

But slipping away

A voice cries for her to stay

But it’s too late

She’s too far gone

To a better place

Less filled with blood

Less filled with pain

Liked it
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