A poem of hope.

English: Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I look at the enthralling sky tonight
I saw crisp sparks from fading stars
Every glint conveys a chance…
 A destiny covered in the cloud’s dull embrace
What a lovely night of thoughtful surrender!
Sweeping through every fiber of my being
While my heart drifts to painful years concealed to reminiscence
Reason hunts the trail of untarnished path
In the midst of innocent yet nameless night
Covered with dreams of years to come…
With bursting plans to fashion expectations
I felt troubled…yet with hope
I held on to the book of generous treasures of faith
Where tomorrow is real and dream is providence
And grace defies law and greatness rejects arrogance
I closed my eyes; the past is gone. 
I am set to start again…


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