What do you do when you’re afraid you won’t be able to complete preparation for an important exam?
Write a poem, of course! ;)


For one who loves to learn
A serious and sincere student
Or a teacher strict and stern,
My woes may seem imprudent.

But most of my friends will, I’m sure
Appreciate what I’m going to write
For it’s about how I usually endure
The exam and its preceding night.

This is what happened one night
While trying to study for a test
When I ought to have had the light
Switched off and let myself rest.

It showed ten, the clock on the wall
The last time I dared to look
I felt a sudden urge to break and bawl
I still had ninety pages in the book
Yet to be learnt, fresh and all.

The whirring fan and the ticking clock
At that hour, me they seemed to mock
Breaking the silence of the room
All the while adding to the gloom.

My eyes were tired and dim
My throat was dry and sore
There was pain in every limb
And I knew I could study no more.

Yet till two I’ve remained awake
On other days to watch movies
So perhaps my feelings were fake
And I probably imagined these.

All I read went out through the ears
And nothing ascended my brain
For time was winning, so were my fears
And my morale was low, that was plain.


Liked it
  • Agasthya on Jan 18, 2011

    I can relate myself to this poem. You reminded me of my good old days again. I was always scared of exam when I was a kid. Nice poem.

  • ChangeTeam on Jan 18, 2011


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