I wrote this poem for my wife the whom I loved.

A day without you

Is an eternity without living

It is a time without need,

It is a moment without giving.

It is you, without me.

A day without the sun

Is the day that I don’t look into your eyes

It is when I don’t hope or wish,

It is when from the world that I do hide.

It is when you, that I truly miss.

A day without a flower,

Is the day without any inspiration

It is the day when beauty is dead,

It is the beginning of my frustration.

It is when my hunger for life is no longer fed.

A day without you,

It is a terrible day indeed

It is when I just sit and moan

And it is when no one hears my plead.

It is truly when I am all alone.

Randy L. McClave

Liked it
  • Joie Schmidt on May 18, 2011

    Very beautiful*



    -Joie Schmidt.

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