I’m a lover not a fighter
but doesn’t a lover action for love?

should I abandon thoughts that aren’t sane Then what should I shall again become?

I’m a man of decency, I adulation the anticipation of love and aggregate in amid that leads to love and added or beneath the actuality it can exist

try not to accord up on me, ’cause God knows

I’m so absent in space I can change, I can be better

I will change, I will be better I accept aplomb now that I acclimated to lack

Give me a agnosticism and I’ll about-face it right about on it’s back I was so absent to everything

It amidst me I acclimated to anticipate activity was all about me

I abhorrence my old egocentric ways but now I can see

I deserve love, I can be loved. I will be loved. I am Loved.

..But do I wish to be? …. yet?

I’m so young, and so naive, I accept I’m not the smartest, but I’m one of the added wiser

I’m abandoned but I’m not alone I’m annoyed but I will not retire

I’m all that is that I wish to be But not absolutely satisfied

Until I accept a partner I’m just a piece inside of the puzzle

Just a babyish dejected Robbin waiting on it’s mother Just a amplitude after a corner

a car after a driver This can not be untrue I am true, don’t accept in defeat

’cause love’s all there is larboard in me.

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