Ideology is important. It is the one which divides the world between conservatives and liberals. Political Science studies can lead you to become a leader.

You know which ideology you want to follow.  There is the conservative ideology which privileges traditions and there is the liberal ideology which privileges agreements.  It depends on each person.  Either you want to live comfortably or you want to live under the guidance of someone.  Liberal have many associations.  Now there are professional organizations which include conservatives and liberals.

So, you know what it takes to become a leader.  You have to study for example political sciences.  These last studies are the most prestigious ones.  Once you study political science you have to know, where you are going to work.  There are some countries, which are most receptive to political science than others.

Therefore, it is time to make aware the student, before they live high school, that they can attend political science studies or commercial schools.  The students of political science should know how to promote human rights.  They can be tempted to abuse political science to take control illegally, because of a feeling of power.  The real power is to always feel free, and flexible and open to traditions and innovations.

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