Shows how far we have progress here in the Good ol USA.

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In Nineteen Sixty, one November day

A black little girl

To a new school

She was well on her way

With a hug and a kissed

She was told she’ll be missed

Then her Mom told her

“You better behave”

So she was rushed passed her yard

Into a big waiting car

It smelled strange

And was dark as a cave

Then between two very tall men

Who didn’t seem like her friends

They sat her

Like a Hollywood star

She knew she had to be brave

For a new path to be paved

So she sat there

For the school wasn’t far

With a squeak and a jolt

The car came to a halt

And the crowd yelled

As she opened the door

But their looks of distain

Filled her with anguish and pain

So she froze

As though glued to the floor

Their jeers bought many tears

Rolling down her small face

But she wiped them

Stepped out

And walked forward with grace

For she knew the importance

Of what she must do

She was to be one

Of the first black ever

To be enrolled in that school

So with four men around her

She walked thru the crowd

Holding on tightly to her books

And holding her head up most proud

Now move the clock forward

To a much different time

To the year of our Lord

Two thousand and nine

A little black girl

Still needs an escort

But not like before

Nothing of the sort

Not because she’s been threaten

Or she’s a new resident

Her last name is Obama

And her father

Our first Black President

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  • ShaFar on Apr 21, 2009

    One step closer to a more peaceful world. Yes, America is moving forward!

  • Bullwinkle Muse on May 5, 2009

    Great perspective, David. Seeing it in this light makes me more hopeful than before. I’m old enough to remember that first escort. Very dark days indeed.

  • revivor on May 6, 2009

    very good!!
    Liked the ending – you built it up well
    I’ll stumble this for you (see forum!!)
    thanks – revivor

  • Brenda Nelson on May 16, 2009

    great poem, I am white, and in Canada, maybe its just me, but racism doesnt seem to be as much of a deal up here. I was thrilled that Obama won the election as were most Canadians.

  • chantell on Sep 24, 2009

    I liked that.

  • kitrell Dejesus on Feb 28, 2010

    Great work!!! The poem tell a great story!!!

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