This is a love poem.

She was sitting home alone 
When a boy she met called her on her phone 
In a quiet voice she answered ‘hello’ 
And he said “I want to see you once more 
Let’s take a walk on this night that’s so warm 
Before we’ll be separated by an oncoming storm 
And I won’t be greedy or sour 
I’ll bring you back home in an hour” 
They walked together hand in hand 
Under the moonlight on the soft sand 
“Well I hate to let you go 
But it’s been an hour and I promised to take you home” 
He let her go after a quick hug 
And in his heart he felt a tug 
Soon her phone rang once more 
This time with words she could not ignore 
“Please come back out to me 
There is something I need to say, you’ll see” 
Quickly she walked out the front door 
“What is is, everything ok? no?” 
“There is something I need to say 
I just don’t know which way 
I guess what I am trying to say is this 
You are my light in a dark abyss 
You are a dream come true 
I am passionately in love with you 
What I say is completely true 
And I will prove it to you” 
He took her gently in his arms 
Kissing her as his shoulders touched her palms 
“You really are sincere and true 
I can’t help but fall in love with you too” 
And they became modern Romeo and Juliet 
They will show you true love, you just wait

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