He never saw sky quite so blue
The air filled with smell that was new
A soft squishy sound
Was coming from ground
His feet were confounded in poo

Liked it
  • Molly Girl 822 on Aug 13, 2012

    Been there.

  • Jswana on Aug 13, 2012

    HA. This took me there but I wasn’t on my way. Now I’m laughing. :) Well done.

  • erwinkennythomas on Aug 13, 2012

    and so were you!

  • Kharla Jolly on Aug 13, 2012

    LOL You are so funny and lots of fun to communicate with on Triond! What’s that smell??? Oh, it’s Rosco’s shoes.

  • herjave01 on Aug 13, 2012

    :) ) LOL. Did it again.

  • jennifer eiffel01 on Aug 13, 2012

    Ha ha! You got a smile out of me! Very good writing

  • smokychristine on Aug 14, 2012

    Very funny.

  • septana on Aug 14, 2012

    article very good and the writing that gives knowledge.

  • Rezaul Karim2 on Aug 14, 2012

    Great work!

  • elee on Aug 14, 2012

    This is a complete extraordinary authorship

  • Marquis de Joker on Aug 14, 2012

    Another day of s$#% but a good write heh heh

  • lauralu on Aug 14, 2012

    lol what a surprise

  • ladym33 on Aug 14, 2012

    LOL, Yuk!

  • Raj the Tora on Aug 16, 2012

    Wow, very funny! **It happens in love :)

  • Kristie Claar on Aug 20, 2012

    Love your work.

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