By Brian Mcclanahan on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 8:36pm.

A man can only hide for so long behind his jokes,

Before he wakes one day and chokes,

He can only wear a mask for so long,

until he loses the feeling of being strong,



A man can only create so much joy,

Before he begins to once again feel destroyed,

He can only hold it in for so long,

Until it feels like he doesn’t belong,



A man can only control his mind for a short time,

Before it begins to feel like a crime,

He can only hide behind a few smiles,

Until he remembers what hes pushing down the whole wile,



A man could label all of this as being fake,

Before he realizes that would be a mistake,

He can only wish life would have been easy,

Until he again remembers this life of torment is whats made me…….me.

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