Girl child are not meant to be murdered.they are the one to take the world further.

First day of my life

And I was served with a knife;

At that small age, what had I done

It is true, the mistake was one;

Yelps and cries all over the place

As everyone was indulged in a race;

Me lying on burning floor with an innocent face

Floor really seemed like a burning furnace;

A minute ago, everybody was flattered

Glancing at me, their dreams shattered;

I was covered with a cloth torn and tattered

My back was burning but it hardly mattered;

Yes I was a ‘she’, that was my mistake

My heart was transparent like a lake;

My tear filled eyes were asking for help

But nobody bothered my cry or yelp;

A man stood up with anguish look

A sharp and shiny knife then he took;

Feminine hearts were beating so fast

As they knew I would hardly last;

Man with anguish looks was none

He was my father only and one;

Crowd present there was around a ton

I was to be slayed and they had fun;

My mother’s lap was hungry for me

Yes to pick me, to hug me, to kiss me;

As she stepped little to save me

My father has already started slaying me;

One and a two and a three and a four

The silence was bitter and sour;

Suddenly a painful scream hit the floor

And was finally killed with the stabs of four;

Red was the color all over the place

The second I was born I saw this race;

People were empathetic towards this face

But nobody was there to have a ‘she’ craze;

At last I died with the smile quiet well

Because I was happy to leave such hell.

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