Poem about my life, life in general.

I don’t fit in, I have this feeling from within. 

God has a plan for me, he stands for me. 

I try to explain it to people, they do not understand me. 

I run form it, I hide, cheat, steal, lie, ALMOST DIE.

Many nights I cried. 

It has been year’s lord and I am filled with pain, I cannot stand another night of rain. 

How long do I have to wait for you to show up? I have lost so much family lord, is this how you wanted me to grow up?

So much pain lord, I am mentally shot, I am fried. 

So many pills lord, that night I died. 

How did I wake up?  I don’t want to take up, a new day’s pain. 

Look at me lord I am filled with rage, locked up in a cage, nothing good ever comes this way. 

But you just hold me, you told me there would be better days and you say…

“Today is your new day, today I take away all your pain, run along and tell the world all they have to do is call on my name.” 

Image by jonfeinstein via Flickr

Image by jonfeinstein via Flickr

Image by jonfeinstein via Flickr


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