A poem based on my personal experience of having to stand up with confidence and see yourself fail with such misery but still looking for what tomorrow may bring.

I can feel the breeze

Yhep, it’s a new morning.

I feel another opportunity to seize

& ready to do what have been planning.

New hope, refreshed mind

But still, it’s the same me

Excited to know if today’s kind

Well, today can make me happy.

The day of my performance has come

It has been a trial, finding the sum

But yet here’s another chance

For me to prove I have the stance.

I believe I can do it

Yes! I definitely can.

I’m the person who’s the total fit

And the one better than the other men.

I took a deep breath and stand

With dignity, I steeped on the precious land,

But as it goes, everything crumbles

It became worse, as I try and just fumble.

OH NO! What had happened?

Why can’t everybody just comprehend?

OH another failure I can’t accept

I trusted you for you said you’re adept.

In the end, it was me alright

I knew I had done much better in that fight

I failed to impress, I failed to succeed

Another reason for me not to lead.

I crash, I cry

I see my chances say bye.

No hope, only disappointment didn’t left

My dreams have all been swept.

On that night, before I sleep

I think everything happened on that day’s dip

I just pray to the Lord to give me confidence

To stand again and build up my effervescence.

I can already sense the sun

Yhep, it’s a new morning.

But I still have the strive, it’s not yet done

Hoping today, success it will be bringing.

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