A poem describing how a song is played/written in detail. I also made it to keep people in suspense.

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Here is the song I have to play

I wonder what you’ll have to say

Be patient, as I tune my strings

To make sure it beautifully rings

The verse strums in a major key

Bright image for the mind to see

I will stay with my ambition

A major chord to transition

The chorus might confuse you some

A taste of darkness is to come

Foreshadowing just a little

What’s to come seems like a riddle

A darker chord to set the tone

Soon enough, it won’t stand alone

To keep the mood, I can afford

To bring another minor chord

Repetition is what I need

To make this song catchy, indeed

Picking the verse with my fingers

I hope the melody lingers

Now I’ll play chorus number two

This time, it’ll have something new

An element to make it thick

Rhythm and lead will do the trick

Bringing in the double pedal

The bridge is sure to be metal

Driving power chords set the mood

Using minor scales that include

Lightning fast solos on guitar

Sweep picks, tapping, and whammy bar

Halfway through, the music drops out

A complete stop until you shout

To keep everyone listening

Here comes something interesting

The instruments will come back in

Modulate and solo again

The chorus will be done once more

I want to hear your shouting soar

The song’s now coming to a close

But I’ll still keep you on your toes

I softly pick the verse for you

You will hear something known to few

Not many people have explored

Ending on a dissonant chord

Liked it
  • Christine Ramsay on Apr 24, 2009

    I was really with you through that song. I play the guitar and felt like strumming along. Good work.


  • Poetic Enigma on Apr 24, 2009

    Music is amazing,
    So what is more better
    Than a poem about it?
    This is a great poem,
    Really kept me reading it
    all the way through :)

  • thenewoddthomas on Jun 4, 2009

    very good :D

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