The reality of life stands precariously on its foundation. There are phases that confront us, giving rise to circumstances beyond our control.

Demands and necessities of living

    callously pressing on the human mind – -

an unbalance between taking and giving,

      blowing perilous blasts of ill-wind

across paths of those that cross it.


        It seems no system, old or new, placates

circumstances that mow down

        masses of the human race; causing

uncompromising, tense, and stressful effects

         that superfluous laws try to remit.


Breaking the bond of slavery to that

         age-old doctrine of submission is hard,

being revered, though time-worn, flat,

          which humanity might never discard,

merely because retention and control

           of old habits help hold in line

Accumulations of incessant needs.


            Life’s precious metal loses shine

when leaders falter and fitfully lead,

             staging an undefinable role.


Sullied dreams of success, tantalizing,

            remain immured within dark fantasies

the denial of the soul’s uprising,

           giving birth to trite expectations.

There are those intent on being unsung,

           yet within the purview of their dreams

sprout abiding achievements, sound, secure.


            Those attuned to rooted disparities

seldom complain and long endure, bitten, yet

             seemingly unscathed and unaffected.


Polarization forever runs its course,

              through channels of time and infinity,

like the fresh water’s inevitable divorce

              from the ocean’s natural salinity

or the seasons’ perennial separation

              one from the other, distinguishable.


Categories of social orders remain,

               as fires of discontent extinguishable,

keep raging, all of which explain

               life’s irregular and subtle configuration.

Chaotic miscalculations of this wondrous age,

               ensuing from gigantic steps to reach

the dispossessed, seem but a wanton rage,

               lifting the fallen, yet do not teach

fresh principles of unpretentious living.


                Employment of means are far too much,

yet too little to fulfill a dire need,

                life’s harshness mitigates not, as such,

nor do cycles of unfettered greed,

                 thus sowing the perennial seeds

of sad misgiving.




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