Rhymed and metered poem.

In a pirates ship, he alone

did speed under full sail,

in smooth or stormy troubled seas

from breeze, to wind, to gale.

A soul eclipsed, a shadowed past,

did haunt his weary mind;

and though he sailed the seven seas,

no respite could he find.

From flying jib to quarter deck,

he sailed her true and fast,

but the mighty ocean song could not drown

the voices of his past.

Casting lines into the future,

his tears mingling with rain,

he opened his lonely soul to

the oceans sweet refrain.

Amid siren songs of mermaids

he healed a heart once torn,

and found what he had always been;

a man and pirate born

Liked it
  • Liz Hughes on Jan 12, 2012

    What an awesome poem!


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