A poem on machines, mortals and gods.

A Poem of Demigod’s Fury

Fay, their mortal faces gleam,
Fie their ignorance upon them,
The dark gods reign supreme.

The iron mechanisms steady on
Towards the dark abyss black.
No god to them do they belong.

But unknowing fates are thrust
Upon bearing shoulders.
Claws to the surface brings rust

To the creaking giants, violence
Wrought throughout their
metal veins and destroy and mince.

Dark, the glad souls now.
Hope, brought underground
To rest in brown mold allow.

These dark gods of fury,
Though, allow no gleam
Of bright light mortal eyes to see.

-Kevin Ulrich

Liked it
  • Jose Mares on Jan 28, 2011

    wow… i love the language that you used in this poem… this poem is amazing! your an amazing writer…

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