Its a short poem related to rain.

My name is Danish

Im a Spanish

I live in Spain

Where it doesn’t Rain!

I love to travel 

In Earth’s Navel

But never got a chance

Even for a Glance!

Thought I was lucky

And also Plucky

But now when im trapped

There are walls and all rats

Its all sticky here

everywhere im near

I want to run away

Somewhere far away

Away from rain

Away from Spain

So there’s only one thing I would say

and it is

Rain, Rain

Go away

Come back someother day

Not when im in my Granny’s  place!

Liked it
  • vickylass on Mar 23, 2011

    Was born in Spain, raised in England and I have lived in Ireland for the past ten years. I love the rain even though I’ve had a leaking roof in my flat. But the other day I was walking under the rain. The pavements glowed. It was not too cold. I found it bliss. On top of that it’s good for the skin. Perhaps you should read my post entitled What If? to see that a rainy day doesn’t have to dull at all. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kristie Claar on Aug 6, 2011


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