A thing I wrote some time ago.

What Does the Future Hold?

For me?

For us?

For the nation?

For the world?

The world is going to end!

If not this year, then next year. If not next year then in a decade, century, millennium.

All we can say about the future of the world is that there is an end.

“Good bye cruel world,” someone will say on the day the Earth will die.

Thanks for all the fish.

The nation is young and the system smokes of money, and gold, silver and platinum.

Wars will be thrown around on the dinner table-during my lunch!

The flames of sorrow, death, and debt will engulf the nation.

Then a time of peace

will come and people will worry- a happy anxiety in the hopes

that the next war will not be in our lifetimes.

We will brag about our superiority-look at us,

look at our music, look at our art, our newest wars and technology.

Then we look to our left and right, north and south…to see that we are nothing special.

We will make mistakes and learn from them- a few generations later…maybe.

One president becomes King-the next will be nothing. Corruption and money at work.

The nation’s future will not be

War and Peace but it will be War debts and Peace feasts.

This too will end, though much sooner then the end of the Earth.

As for how it will end,

it will be war.

Civil, revolutionary or simply from chaos.

Thanks for capitalizing on the opportunity.

The future for us can be anything we want.

It is unknown and very known.

We can do anything.

The only problem is that the best things in life

are unlawful, immoral, or simply make you fat.

Infinite possibilities, opportunities- the future is an unknown awesome power for us.

Thank you for the best time we could have in our short lives.

The future for me you ask?

I shall not tell you!

It is mine, my precious little future.

I hold it close to me

and put it around my finger, playfully.

I have no need to predict the future.

I KNOW my future and have finally moved on

with my present to change the past

and write the future- that I want.

And I do not want to see you just standing there blocking me off

as though a inept guard or two can stop me

and my forward movement momentum in time.

Do not stop me, do not question me.

The future of mine

does not matter to you.

What matters to you is the matter of your future…

Do not think of the future, as a person.

Do not think of the future, as a world.

Only as a nation must we think ahead into the future.

We live in the present!

That small place between the larger past and the infinite future.

I have lived my short life- until this point…

Horrified by history

Fearful of the future.

Do not think of the future too much.

As a person you need not-

As a nation you need-

As a world it just-


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