Ahhh, but it’s past!

No Internet service
For almost a week
Really frustrated me
And got me quite piqued.

But now I’m back
And though I’m so behind
I’ll be busy for days
Yet still time I’ll find.

To get caught up
To get back on track
To get to some papers
That have become quite a stack.

I had entered several verses
That I intended to share
But when I got my service back
I could not find them anywhere.

It makes me sad
For they were joyous and fun
Tales of my ‘new kids’
And of blue skies and sun.

Unfortunately though
This one’s just a quick thought
To tell you why I’ve been gone
And that I’ve missed you a lot.

But that’s all past
It’s a beautiful day
I’ll get caught up on some work
Moving happily on my way.

Then hopefully tonight
I’ll write some verses for you
Although if the truth be told
That’s all I really want to do. (lol)

But I’ll leave you for now
Telling you all is great here
As my 11 cats and I
Are again filled with cheer.

The weather’s getting nicer
Things will pick up again
As I’m on the right path
Still loving God, Amen!

And my new little kittens
Are so fitting right in
Their big brothers are loving them
And are kitten-like again!

I LOVE having so many cats and kittens
I love the pitter patter as they run
I love to look around to see them playing or lounging nearby
As everywhere I look I always see at least one.  :)

I’d better run or I’ll never stop
Making this one way too long to read
But I’ll be back to you real soon
As I find, ’sharing my words’ is something I need. :)

Liked it
  • Atanacio on Apr 8, 2010

    Keep the spirits High Evelyn Cheers!

  • Jimmy Shilaho on Apr 8, 2010

    Its good to have you back. Welcome.

  • diamondpoet on Apr 8, 2010

    Glad everything has returend to normal, hey that’s a lot of fur balls to pick up. lol

  • Karen Gross on Apr 9, 2010

    There is nothing like newborn kittens to bring joy to a home! What a ray of sunshine you reflect. When the light in your heart comes from the Son, it shines no matter what the weather of life’s circumstances brings our way.

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