This particular day was like every other, 
A suit and tie, ready for my spiritual meal
But little did I know, what lay in store from this brother
I take my seat and listen to the talk-the normal deal

As it progresses this information is at its worst amazing 
I’m understanding, looking up scriptures and enjoying it
The brother on the stage is enthusiastic and pleasing
The fact that all cannot hear it is my only regret

But then the brother begins to relate an experience
I begin to detect a change in his voice as he continues
The brother gets choked up by the sentiments, 
And at the end of the discourse he grabs some tissues

Do you understand what that did to me? 
I didn’t cry when my grand mother died
But my eyes began to get teary
I felt the hard outer layer of my heart melt away inside

I felt, understood, envied, and appreciated why he got that way
Even as I recount this the tears start to flow again
This brother was happy, is truly happy each day, 
Happiness and joy from his service that tears he began shedding

Just the fact in front of us all he showed a piece of his heart, 
In that he let the joy and appreciation he felt in his heart spill over in tears
That gave me a feeling that there can be light from the dark
Also it made me think about all those wasted years

Maybe envious is the wrong because I desire his level of joy for us both
I guess jealous is more appropriate
We both took the same oath
I’m not happy like him, the reasons? I’d rather not say it

His tearing up on the stage reminded me of how I once felt, 
And how I yearn to feel
This bad hand I got, I shuffled and dealt
My feelings of needed change are to real

To this brother I give thanks
The faithful slave I give thanks
But to my God I sincerely apologize

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  • drabiakhan on Jul 25, 2012

    very nice expression. thanks for sharing.

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