On Sunday, May 6th, 2012, a tennis dance to improvised jazz was performed by the Lulu Washington Dance Theater troupe at the Attucks Theater, Norfolk, Va. Players wriggled and contorted their bodies while dancing with rackets and pretending to hit an imaginary ball.

As I watched the performance

Of the Lulu Washington

Dance Theater troupe

At the Attucks, Norfolk, Va

Tennis players gyrated

To the beat of a rhythmic jazz band

- – -

They were all young women

Dressed in white short shirts

And attractive tops

Swinging rackets 

Which reached for the sky

- – -

Just imagine dancing

And pretending to serve a ball

While others tried desperately

To return that serve

- – -

To us it was no ordinary ball

Seeing those women so tall

Contorting their bodies

Trying to slam it back

- – -

The matches were played on stage 

Beginning with six competitors

And as their games progressed

Their number steadily dwindled

- – -

Two finalists swirled

To the tunes of a blasting saxophone

Accompanied with drums

Bass and key board

- – -

A player eventually won

As she unexpectedly swooped

This unimagined ball up

As soon as she had accomplished

A terrific back hand trick

- – -

This shot and her movement were so grand

That the audience in the stands cheered

For she had put to rest

Who was the best

- – -

Liked it
  • momofplenty on May 12, 2012

    This is lovely.

  • Eiddwen on May 12, 2012

    A great read.

  • AINIEE on May 12, 2012


  • Safa on May 12, 2012

    Sounds like a great performance

  • Martin Kloess on May 12, 2012


  • PR Mace on May 13, 2012

    Must have been interesting to watch and listen to.

  • jennifer eiffel01 on May 13, 2012

    beautiful Sounds like an interesting presentation.

  • papaleng on May 15, 2012

    Oh! that is a sweet one, Sir.

  • yes me on May 20, 2012

    Welld one here cheers

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