Her touch awakens me.

It is what it is, and what it is

 Is what it’s always going to be

unless you touch me

 and change will come eventually.

Your touch is a catalyst

 that changes my chemistry.

So let’s enjoy everything

 that now has to offer

as I drown

echoing small pleasantries

throughout your body

I am revived by your satisfaction

as you lick the glisten from my lips

 My resuscitation fills your sanctity

to the utmost as we lay in what is

  and what will always be.

You and I are indefinitely.

Joined together like moisture

in rainwater or dew drops on grass

The molecules of one

slide toward separation

while a minuscule slip of the other

and things would never be the same,

so no matter what changes occur

we are bound together

because your touch continues

to draw me deeper into you.

Liked it
  • LoveDoctor on Jul 7, 2011

    A very sensual poem. It arouses your senses. Good work.

  • Goodselfme on Jul 7, 2011

    I am always thrilled with your flow of words to create such beautiful imagery. So glad I was able to read this prized submission, my friend.Well done!

  • Dennis N OBrien on Jul 8, 2011

    Good work.

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