Your personality is extraordinary, and your power is very clear.

  If you are a Scorpio                                                                                                                                          
  magic’s in the air.
  Your personality is extraordinary,
  and your power is very clear.
  You often know who’s calling
  before they even say.
  And your incredible sixth sense
  is often in the way.
  Your love life’s full of power
  Sexually you lead.
  If bitten by the Scorpio
  there’s no way you will leave.
  The people all around you
  know you can succeed.
  Because, A Scorpio is cautious,
  When warranted to be.
  They often are intuitive
  for what we can’t foresee.
  Watch out for the Scorpion
  For there often never wrong.
  there lucky at their love life,
  And daring with the rest.
  That is why they often
  trap you in their nest.
  Be-careful this month little Scorpio with your money, and your time.
  For this might not be the month of winning numbers of any kind.
  However, for those whom might be looking for that special love
  be-careful not to miss them,  they could be right before your side.

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